Tiger Southern Mid-Atlantic Tour - Sept. 13-14, 2014


Norris Defeats Calhoun in a Double hill Match on the Tiger Southern Mid-Atlantic Tour ( SMART)

WPBA Regional, Tiger SMART (Southern/Mid-Atlantic Regional Tour) event held their fourth tour stop the weekend of September 13-14 at Gate City Billiards in Greensboro, NC. The North Carolina 9-Ball Classic drew in 15 entrants with $500-added to the event.

The first round paired: Tonya Dunlap and Meredith McLean (7-3); Stephanie Oudinot and Merrill (7-6); Belinda Calhoun and Pritchard (7-3); Christine Snody and Julie Benitz (7-4); Christy Norris and Buffy Jolie (7-1); Lisa Cossette and Brady (7-4); and Michelle Jefferson and Asia Cycak (7-6).

Round two ended with: Lawless over Dunlap (7-1); Calhoun over Oudinot (7-2); Norris over Snody (7-3); Cossette over Jefferson (7-3) and in the one loss bracket Pritchard over Merrill (7-3); Benitz over Jolie (7-4); and Cycak over Brady (7-4), by the end of day one only 4 players would be returning on Sunday.

The winner’s bracket began with Lisa Cossette eliminating Michelle Jefferson in a close match leaving her in fourth place by a score of (7-5). In the semi finals Christy Norris defeated Lisa Cossette in a live streamed match (7-3). The final match was determined by a race to 9 with the match running double Hill with Christy Norris defeating Belinda Calhoun in a close match (9-8).