Throw Shot

Rather read than watch? Read about the Throw Shot below:

Completing the Throw Shot

In this video JP shows you how to successfully complete a "Throw Shot" in which you control the way the cue ball plays off the object ball in order to setup your next shot. In this particular scenario, JP has a straight in shot for the one ball in the corner pocket. If he hits it straight in, the cue ball ends up in traffic and hurts his chances of making the next shot.

When To Use

Obviously with less balls on the table you might be able to just add a little back spin or just to a simple stop shot but if neither of those are always an option so a Throw Shot is a good option to have in your arsenal. JP shows you how by adding a little spin and compensating your aim can allow you to pocket the ball and place the cue ball where you want it, leaving you lined up for your next shot.