The One Rail Kick Shot, Part 2, By "The Drill Instructor"

The One Rail Kick Shot, Part 2, By The One Rail Kick Shot, Part 2 By “The Drill Instructor”

Definition of Kicking: A single ball that hits into a single rail and ends at a preplanned destination. K.I.S.S.

Last month I told you that there are several systems available for making a successful one rail kick shot. I also warned you that it is not fair to say that one is better than another. It’s a great idea to talk to other players and ask them to show you their system or preferred way to make a one rail kick. You’ll be amazed how many people don’t really have a system for kicking. However that may be the case, remember, the one rail kick system that works best is the one you work hardest at.

A common mistake is that players judge a system before they get to understand it. It may be the person telling it to you isn’t doing the best job of teaching it right. Work at it until you get the understanding of how it works then work it for a half hour to see it you can effectively utilize it. Not every system is for everybody. But, many times the player with the most knowledge can win in a tough matchup. This next one rail kick system can be such a one.

This is drill number 29, from the soon to be released Pro Skill Drills book and DVD called, Time Out, Fast answers to pool problems, volume 7 in the series. In this drill, like last month, we are learning a one rail kicking system. Our objective this time is to kick the 9 ball into the corner pocket.

DRILL STEPS: 1. Place the tip of your cue under the rail perpendicular to the cue ball that is kicking. 2. Pivot the butt of the cue over the 9 ball. 3. Visualize a line from the cue ball that crosses the shaft of the cue from step 2 (this is the black line from the cue ball to the pocket marked with the bold X). 4. Slide the tip of your cue up and under the rail perpendicular from where the two lines just crossed and THAT’S THE AIM SPOT ON THE RAIL TO SHOOT THE CUE BALL INTO. 5. Use a 3 to 4 Speed Stroke with a level cue. 6. Shoot the cue ball directly into the AIM SPOT on the rail with ½ Tip above Center.

One Rail Kick, System 1:

Here’s a tip that works great for me. After I pivot the butt of my cue over my destination line, in this case that’s the 9 ball, I hold the cue in place and drag it back out from the 1st Tip rail position, staying on the line, watching for the tip of the cue to reach the crossing point line (that’s that black line going to the pocket marked X). When it reaches the crossing point, I stop, pivot the butt of the cue stick back (so the stick is pointing at the banking rail again), then slide the cue forward into what is labeled the 2nd Tip rail, which is also, the AIM SPOT. Of all my one kick systems, this one is my favorite because of its accuracy.

By the way, remember that this system works just as well for banking the object ball. Do the measurements from the object ball instead of the cue ball and the result is that the Aim Spot is where you bank the object ball into the rail. Now that powerful knowledge that can help you win more pool.


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