Split Jump Shot

Rather read than watch? Read about the Split Jump Shot below:

Hi, my name is Florian Kohler. I'm better known as Venom. And for this month's tutorial again at Ozone Billiards and I'm going to try to show you how to do the split jump shot. 

Split Jump Shot Step 1: 

The first thing you do to create that shot is to look for the middle of the table. Place a ball from one diamond line, two diamond line, one-two. So you're looking at the point that's crossing both lines, now on some tables it is marked down sometimes, it's not. Once you find that just mark it down and you're pretty much good to go.

Split Jump Shot Step 2: 

Now what you have to do is set the three ball at the exact spot that was shown in the video. 

Split Jump Shot Step 3: 

Then, the next ball we set is the one ball. I'm going to put a cue ball right here. Put it on the right side of the three and then I'm going to put the one ball frozen to it so the balls are touching and just in line. Make sure the one and three are touching.

Split Jump Shot Step 4: 

Once that is done, it's a really easy shot so we got to set a cue ball a diamond and a half.  

Let's Try It! 

If you hit too thin you won't make it. If you hit too much on the left side it won't make it. The only way to make the three and the one in one shot is to hit almost in the middle of the one. Just a little to the right side of it. Some of you might not know but to jump a ball you actually don't go below the ball but you go right below the center. Make sure you have a solid bridge. Make sure you have a pretty fast loose grip on the back and just go for the shot. 

What Cue do I need? 

Since it's a jump shot you're going to need a jump cue. A jump cue is a shorter cue and it's a lot lighter than normal cue. The tip on top of the cue is a little bit harder it's a really hard tip and it helps you to jump the ball.