Simple Pool Table Maintenance



Keep your pool table looking and playing at its best by utilizing these suggestions starting with:


Cloth: Brush your table in one direction, from head rail to foot rail, after every time it is played on. Use both the standard brush on the playing area as well as a rail brush for the hard to reach areas like under the rail cushions and around each pocket. If you have Simonis cloth or other worsted wool blend cloth, the Simonis X1 Felt Cleaner works as well as, or better than standard brushing. The X1 works by utilizing static electricity generated by lightly scrubbing the table cloth. DO NOT attempt to use the X1 on any other type (non worsted) of pool table cloth. Spray cleaning with Hodges’ Quick Clean or Championship Pool Table Felt Cleaner will pull up chalk residue from the cloth that a brush will miss. Use of these will be far less frequent than brushing. Keeping your pool table covered when not in use goes a long way in keeping it looking its best. Light, especially direct sunlight will cause the cloth color to fade rapidly. Covering the table when not in use will also reduce the amount of dust, lint and animal hair that will find its way onto your playing surface. Use of a vacuum on your cloth is not recommended as you risk pulling the cloth loose. Keep all food and beverages well away from the table. Stains don’t necessarily affect the playability of the table but they look terrible and there is really no way to safely and effectively remove them.


Pockets: New leather pockets are often stiff causing the flaps to interfere with the pocket opening. Filling the offending pockets with wadded newspaper or pool balls and leaving them there for a day or two should fix this issue. Applying a good leather conditioner every 6 months or so will keep the pockets looking new. Just make sure the conditioner used does not contain any petroleum.


Cushions: No real maintenance for these but not a bad idea to check them from time to time by pinching the edges. A cushion’s consistency should feel similar to a pencil eraser. Any harder or softer than that is an indicator it’s time to replace them.


Rails, Blinds, Cabinet and Legs: A wipe down of these surfaces with a lightly dampened microfiber towel should whisk away any dust and chalk that finds its way to these places. Be sure to follow up with a dry towel wipe down, wood and moisture don’t go well together.


Other Notes: shooting jump, masse or other shots where your cue is elevated will cause ball burn marks and can create small pin holes in your cloth.