Safety-Play Shots Part 1

Safety-Play Shots Part 1 

Safety-Play Drill No. 1


  1. The game is 8-Ball.
  2. The 8 ball is blocking the 6 ball into the corner pocket.
  3. You cannot see the 7 ball to make it.


  1. Set up opponent to foul, forcing ball-in-hand for better run out potential.
  2. Nip the 6 ball, causing it to soft roll and push out 7 ball.
  3. Let the cue ball bank into the bottom rail with enough speed to roll up tight behind the 8 ball.

Comments: Let the 7 ball will stop the 6 ball. Your main concern is the cue ball speed needed to get in tight behind the 8 ball. The thinner you nip the 6 ball, the less Inside English you'll need to turn the cue ball up toward the 8 ball.

You’ll find this other safety-play drills in Pro Skill Drills, Volume 5, the Book and DVD, 55 Safety Play Shots, endorsed by Nick Varner.