Safety-Play Drill Part 3

Safety-Play Drill Part 3 


  1. The game is 9-Ball. However, this safety can be used in other games.
  2. The 7 ball is blocking the 3 ball into the corner pocket.
  3. You're not comfortable attempting to shoot the 3-7 combo


  1. Set opponent up to foul and force ball-in-hand for better run out potential.
  2. Bank the 3 ball into the side rail and up to the head rail.
  3. Roll the cue ball up tight behind the 6 and 7 ball; frozen if possible.


The 3 balls landing spot is not the most important part of this shot. However, it does need to hit the rail. The main objective is the cue ball speed needed to get in tight, behind the 6 and 7 ball.