Safety-Play Drill Part 2

Safety-Play Drill Part 2


  1. The game is 9-Ball. This safety can be used in other games
  2. The angle to shoot the 7 ball into the corner pocket is too thin.
  3. The angle to play a bank shot will now be played as a two way shot.


  1. Set opponent up to foul and force ball-in-hand with better run out potential.
  2. Cross bank the 7 ball, causing it to cross bank toward the side pocket.
  3. Let the cue ball roll into the side rail and hit directly into the 8 ball.
  4. The 8 ball will stop the cue ball directly behind the 9 ball.


The main issue is the cue ball speed. Be sure it's hard enough to hit into the 8
ball. When the 7 ball hits the 8 ball it will stop behind the 9 ball. The 8 ball will
roll out. If you make the 7 ball, the 8 9 out is really quite easy from there.