Proper Stance for Shooting Billiards


Rather read than watch? Read about proper stance for shooting billiards below:

Hello and welcome to another edition of billiards Basics by Ozone.  I'm instructor James Roberts and today we're going to look at key elements that make up your proper stance.

Traditional Stance

First we have the traditional stance which happens to be the one that I prefer.  As you can see my knees are bent my weight distribution is roughly 50/50 the two key words for a good effective stance is comfort and balance. Also note that my anchor foot , my left foot is also along the line of my shot, my grip hand is at rest right around the hip area.

Snooker Stance

Now the alternative to this particular stance is more of a snooker style stance, saying that simply because if you watch some of the snooker players they tend to take a more squared-off stance, such as this. Both feet are even, grip hand is still roughly where the hip is. Again, balance is the key. 50/50 weight distribution and knees slightly bent, comfort and balance are the keys. Thanks for joining us for another edition of billiards basics brought to you by Ozone Billiards, until next time keep playing in the zone.