Voodoo Billiard Glove Gray Skeleton - Left Bridge Hand

Voodoo Billiard Glove Gray Skeleton - Left Bridge Hand

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One Size Fits All
Left Bridge Hand

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The Voodoo Billiard Glove Gray Skeleton - Left Bridge Hand is unique and stylish. Made of flexible Lycra Spandex, featuring a skeleton hand graphic in gray color. Designed to provide stability to your bridge hand while providing a smooth stroke resulting in an accurate shooting performance. Fits on your left bridge hand exposing the pinky finger and ring finger. This Voodoo Billiard Glove features:

  • Design: Black Glove with Gray Skeleton Hand graphic and Voodoo logo
  • Made of Flexible Lycra Spandex material
  • One Size Fits All
  • Fits Left Bridge Hand, for right handed players
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  • Cool Look

    Posted by john brownell on Jul 6th 2021

    stitching inside the clove has a good bit of extra material that can be felt in the finger tips. other than that great fit smooth material for a great stroke.

  • couldn't beat the price

    Posted by DL DeVaull on Apr 25th 2017

    love the glove and the price was on point that's why I ordered 2

  • "The Glove"

    Posted by Michael on Mar 4th 2015

    I played last night with it for the first time, It's much better than chalk but is a little chunky feeling around my fingertips. Otherwise it's pretty comfortable.

  • Skeleton Glove

    Posted by Albert on Sep 26th 2014

    I bought one because I had a hand injury, that was still healing. I got used to it, bought a few more. A guy in the pool hall likes it so much, he wants to buy it right off my hand. I told him I'd get him one on-line, and the next thing you know, I got 4 guys, in the same pool hall, who all want the same glove. It's the only glove I ever tried. It's stretchy, and washable. Lasted over a year, so far.

  • Great Glove

    Posted by Peter on May 14th 2014

    Fits very well, great design, very comfortable

  • Gooood

    Posted by Daddy on Aug 8th 2013

    Sweeeeeeet ...

  • Nice ...

    Posted by Jake the Pimp ... on Aug 3rd 2013

    2nd time trying glove and a lot better this time, A what a difference in play now !!!
    Thank You !!!

  • Great!

    Posted by Marilyn on Jun 20th 2013

    It works well, the fit is a little loose but other than that its great.

  • Is it the Glove???

    Posted by Paul on Jun 17th 2013

    This glove is so awesome. I love the way it looks on your hand. Cue slides/glides through this thing like nothing. Better than using hand chalk. Plus, the bones look pretty cool.