Voodoo Billiard Gloves - Skeleton - Black/Bone

Voodoo Billiard Gloves - Skeleton - Black/Bone

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One Size Fits All

This Voodoo Black Billiard Glove is unique and stylish. Made of flexible Lycra Spandex, featuring a hand skeleton graphic in bone color. Fits on your left hand exposing the pinky finger and ring finger. This Voodoo Glove also features:

  • One size fits all
  • For right-handed players
  • Black glove with bone colored skeleton design
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  • voodoo billard gloves-skeleton-black bone

    Posted by larry webb on Aug 27th 2017

    this is a glove I bought for a friend, that I play pool with all the time , he told me he just loves these gloves.

  • Great Glove

    Posted by Anthony on Mar 11th 2017

    Great Value glove. nice smooth feel

  • Good glove

    Posted by Nicholas on Feb 9th 2016

    bought it for my son works good only thing is that the inprint does catch a liitle on the shaft in your stroke.

  • Slick as it looks

    Posted by John on Jun 27th 2015

    Works great, fits snugly, and makes cue control much easier with no chalky residue to brush off my table afterwords. Felt a bit silly getting this since I am an extreme amature, but will have to accept the ribbing from my friend when he sees it. But I bet he gets me to order him a billiard glove after he trys it. Besides it was $8 and makes me look like I know what I'm doing even though I don't.

  • Glove Skeleton

    Posted by Jose A on Nov 2nd 2014

    nice design but a litltle big

  • Bone glove

    Posted by Albert on Sep 26th 2014

    I wear this one when I'm showing off.

  • Great Glove

    Posted by Peter on May 14th 2014

    Fits very well, great design, very comfortable

  • pool glove

    Posted by dave on Jan 8th 2014

    It works very well

  • Wicked cool!

    Posted by Michael on Dec 17th 2013

    The glove looks wicked cool when shooting!