Viper Slash Dartboard

Viper Slash Dartboard

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The Viper Slash Dartboard is the World Darts Federation Accredited Board. This pro dart board has a regulation size 17.75” diameter and is made with high-grade self-healing African sisal fibers to ensure long-lasting durability. The scoring segments are separated by a razor-thin spider wire that is 100% staple-free, maximizing surface area so your darts don’t bounce-out or deflect off each other. This steel tip dartboard features a movable number ring, just detach the ring and rotate your board to reduce wear on the most used sections, significantly extending its life and saving you money! The Viper Slash dartboard also includes a pair of magnetic dart holders that easily mount to the side for convenient storage. Lastly, this dartboard comes with easy to use mounting hardware so you can get ready in no time. This Viper Dartboard features:

  • Self-Healing Sisal Fibers - High grade compressed African sisal fibers heal over time, keeping your dartboard in top form, perfect for steel tip darts
  • Razor-Thin Spider Wire - Thinnest spider wire is 100% staple-free to maximize surface area, eliminating the risk of bounce-outs and deflections
  • Regulation Size - 17.75” diameter face so you’ll play on the same size dart board as the pros
  • Magnetic Dart Holders - A no-tool solution to store two sets of darts without putting any extra holes in your wall
  • Rotating Number Ring - Detachable number ring allows you to rotate the board, letting the sisal fibers heal and extending the dartboard’s life
  • Easy Setup - Includes easy-to-use mounting hardware, dartboard levelers, dart holders, a throw line, and throw line measuring tape so you’ll be playing in no time
  • Dimensions: 17.75" Length, 17.75" Width, 1.5" Height, 11 Lbs Weight
  • Manufacture Warranty - 90 days
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