Viper Natural Cues - Birdseye

Viper Natural Cues - Birdseye

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The Natural Cues by Viper are for the player that is not too flashy and wants a more traditional cue, made using high quality woods with natural stains. One of the most popular features on the Natural Cues is the wood to wood joint, which provides a nice, soft hit. Typically you can only find a wood to wood joint on a high priced cue. Other great features on this Viper Natural Cue are:

  • Stained Birdseye Maple with Inlaid Rings Consisting of Blackwood and Birdseye Maple
  • 13mm 29" Canadian Maple Shaft with Pro Taper
  • Le Pro Tip
  • 3/8 x 10 Wood to Wood Joint
  • Black Leatherette Wrap
  • No Collar
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designer Bumper with Built-In Scuffer
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  • Viper Natural/Birdseye

    Posted by zadmiral on Jan 13th 2018

    My pinion is much like Micheals as well. I wish it had a 3/8x10 pin like the mcdermotts and others (it resembles a break cue pin) and for that reason i dont plan to break it down very often. Mine didn't come with squiggly line pattern on the butt which i thought gave it character and the only reasons i didn't give it 5. But it still looks,feels,hits very NICE and the shaft turndown to 12.75 feels great and fits well to at 19.oz. You will look long and hard to find a better cue at this price, it's very hard to beat

  • This is my 2nd Viper Cue! I loved my first one so much.

    Posted by Glenys on Apr 11th 2012

    Great stick!


    Posted by Michael B Myers on Oct 8th 2011

    OZONE must have run up on a "VERY" good deal on this cue, or they forgot to add their (profiet margin) to their sales price! I've been playing pool for over 40 years. I probably own or (have owned), almost every cue thats avalible in the United States. I even own one of, Richard Blacks cues. I purchased it from a friend the same year he won, " CUE-MAKER of THE YEAR ", for the fifth straight year! The reason i'm telling you all this is simple. I actually had bought the Viper Natural for my nephew. He's taken an interest in billards, so I wanted to get him a good cue, but not too expensive. I checked out the quality that Viper had used to make the Natural with. I was impressed! Now after seeing, and actually playing with it, I will confess that it plays and even looks better than some of my cues that cost "5 TIMES" the price of the Viper Natural! Good job Ozone! You've out done all competitors with this cue! The Viper Natural Birdseye is a High Quality Cue, with a, lets say, Walmart Price!! Thanks for the savings!

  • viper

    Posted by david on May 20th 2011

    this is a great stick. it is the perfect weight and great quality