Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots - Basic Shot Making and Position - Disc 1

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots - Basic Shot Making and Position - Disc 1

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The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots DVD Series by Dr. Dave Alciatore PhD and World Class Pool Instructor Tom Ross features many useful information that every player should know about the game. New and original video footage including the most comprehensive collection of shots ever published and extensive online resource support. Each disc contains real shots with real people revealing all of pool's secrets. Learn the shots you need to get out of trouble, how to be more creative, and how to win more games. This is a definitive video reference and resource for serious pool players and instructors. It is easily organized to help you quickly find the information you need. Elevate your game to the next level and become a complete player. This DVD is 1 hour and 27 minutes long and includes 160 shots. This Disc I - Basic Shot Making and Position DVD Features:

  • Cut Shots
  • Stun Shots
  • Follow Shots
  • Draw Shots
  • Cue Ball Direction Control
  • Cue Ball Speed Control
  • Avoiding Scratch
  • Combination Shots
  • Carom Shots
  • Billiard Shots
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  • Very useful information

    Posted by Tim on Feb 14th 2017

    This video contains a ton of useful information. And gives links to even more

  • Save your money

    Posted by Ronald on Jun 13th 2016

    Not worth the money cause if you want to learn how to do something it tells you the website to go to and you get the info for free

  • Old age, ignorance, and the best return policy I've experienced - ever

    Posted by George on Jan 2nd 2016

    Santa was kind enough to bring me this DVD for Christmas. But PHOOEY! It didn't work in my laptop.
    There were only two files on it - and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the dummy thing to work.

    Since Santa used Ozone's storefront on Amazon, I initiated a repair or replace request through Amazon and two days after that, I received a replacement DVD from Ozone. No questions asked, no return necessary, no further effort on my part beyond the initial request. That's outstanding customer service. The best I've experienced in a long time... Thank you to both companies!

    But here's the thing - that one didn't work either!

    NUTS!!! What's going on? Why is Santa being such a tease? She knows I really like the technical way Dr. Dave teaches, and Tom Ross demonstrates the game I love. She is also aware, via the hints I've dropped (an email with the web address and picture of the bloody product!), that I wanted this disc so I could take my laptop up to the community clubhouse and put into practice what they're teaching.

    But then when I examined the replacement disc, Lo and Behold, it only had the same two files (i.e., AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) that were on the first disc. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, upon further investigation, it turns out that Windows 10 (to which I am only recently acquainted) doesn't automatically play DVDs. Well, POOP. All I had to do was download a free DVD program and play the disc. Probably the entire world knows that. But not me?

    So, because of my technical ignorance - which I attribute to my advanced stage of life, Ozone, because of their wonderful customer service, is out one perfectly salable product.

    [ Btw, if you read this Ozone, and want the disc back - just ask, I feel guilty about this.]

    I don't know how many other older, pool playing, recently upgraded to Windows 10 and don't know a lot about it yet, people there are out there, but DON'T ASK FOR REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS, JUST DOWNLOAD A FREE DVD PLAYER.

    Thanks again Ozone and Amazon - sorry for my screw up - hope a positive review helps in some way...

  • Simple and clear

    Posted by Jim on Apr 28th 2014

    This shows the shots you need to know

  • Outstanding disc in an outstanding collection

    Posted by Joe on Jul 1st 2013

    This is the finest (and perhaps only) assortment of such that exists in the game today. It is a comprehensive collection of shots, explained in detail, with example video and key points highlighted.

    This is the fundamentals disc of the set, and as such is a building block for the remaining discs.

  • Good learning tool

    Posted by Steve on Feb 9th 2012

    Good information on pool shots -- how the balls react to the cue, how to make a certain shot, etc.

    But presentation is very boring, speech is very monotone, with amateurish comments pasted onto the screen (example: "nice shot for a professor!".

    Also found the CD was sent in an "Out of Region" format. OK if I used one software program to read it, but another limited me to only 5 "Ignore Region" reads. Therefore, I must ensure I always use the proper program to read it.

    While I'd recommend this to friends because of the content, I'd also recommend they search for other options if they want a more interesting/dynamic presentation of the materials.

  • Very good

    Posted by Bogdan on Jan 19th 2012

    This dvd show you step by step how to hit, think as a real trainer.

  • great info

    Posted by kevin on Dec 28th 2011

    the best learning tool for shotmaking