Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice - 5 Disc DVD Set

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice - 5 Disc DVD Set

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The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice 5-DVD set with Dr. Dave Alciatore, co-author of The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots and board member of the Billiard Education Foundation, and co-author Bob Jewett, instructional author for 3 decades and past ACUI collegiate champion, cover over 175 drills and challenges in 30 different categories. VEPP is an organized and methodical training program and pool workout. It teaches you how to develop, assess, and track progress of skills in all aspects of your game. It is the most comprehensive collection of drills ever published. VEPP provides everything you need to elevate your game to the next level, and is an excellent companion to VEPS series. The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice 5-DVD set features drills and instruction on:

  • Disc 1: Fundamentals and basic position control
  • Disc 2: Position control and english
  • Disc 3: Patterns and safety play
  • Disc 4: Banks, kicks, and advanced shots
  • Disc 5: Challenges, games and advice
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    Posted by ROBERT CLONTZ on Feb 17th 2019


  • excellent dvd

    Posted by joselito on Jan 22nd 2016

    to understand pool better, you need to buy this dvd


    Posted by Brandon on Aug 26th 2015

    This DVD series is packed full of very useful information - currently a SL5 and since I purchased these this year I've seen a huge improvement in my game - you also won't find a better price than offered here at Ozone Billiards. Highly highly recommended - there are tons of progressive drills and Dr.Dave has a website that goes hand in hand with the series. I've watched lots of videos and I have yet to see any that come remotely close to how good this series is. My wife is a SL2 and she is also finding tremendous value with the set.

  • The Dr. does it again.

    Posted by Jon on Jan 27th 2015

    I learned this game by watching Dr. Dave's Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots. My knowledge of pool was limited to realizing that you need to poke the white ball into either a stripe or solid until they're gone then repeat the procedure for the black ball. After watching the VEPS series, I quickly became the guy that the team members asked for advice. This series takes it to the next level. I started tracking my progress with the form that Dave has on his website. Each drill seems to target a specific skill. (aiming, touch, spin, etc.) I'm not even through the first disk and I've already figured out several weak points in my game. My progress is not an estimation. I can tell that my game is improving by keeping the score on each drill. If you want your game to improve, this is a great way to do it.

  • ok

    Posted by john on Jan 2nd 2014

    there great

  • Never take billiard advice from that drunken yah-who in your local tavern

    Posted by The Bruiser on Apr 15th 2013

    Dr. Dave & Bob only have YOUR best interest in mind when they offer you the skills & tips necessary to take your game to ANY level that YOU are willing to achieve. EVERYTHING . . . I SAID EVERYTHING you have to know to play billiards at a competitive level is contained in these DVD's. If you're happy being average & only want to beat that drunken yah-who at your local tavern then don't buy these DVD's. These DVD's are only for those players that want to be able to defeat actual billiard players. Learn the skills shared on these DVD's & move on to winning tournaments at your local billiard hall and leave the dark tavern for the drunks. See you in Vegas.

  • Knowledge is your best tool to a well executed game

    Posted by dan on Mar 31st 2013

    Even a well seasoned player can learn many things from these tutorial videos. Buying a hammer won't make you a carpenter. Buying this cd set won't make you a professional pool player. What it will do is give you the tools and knowledge to take your game to the next level and beyond. It's up to you and your ability to learn. If your game doesn't improve after viewing these, then you've mastered the game of pool, or you should just stop playing pool. If you think you're good at pool, watch these cds and you'll learn things you thought you already new, but were wrong, and learn a lot of things you didn't know existed.

  • Very good

    Posted by T on Jun 4th 2012

    Many progressive drills can be found in other locations but Dr Dave pulls them together into a nice format for practice

  • I have a better game

    Posted by Norman on May 30th 2012

    It helped me a great deal. I can now beat most of my pool playing buddies

    i can now beat about all of my club members I play. because of this dvd