Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball - Game Strategy DVD 1

Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball - Game Strategy DVD 1

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The Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball - Game Strategy DVD 1 is the first of a 5 DVD series by David Alciatore PHD and co-author Bob Jewett. This series covers all of the skills, knowledge and strategy you need to excel at 8-ball. Perfect for serious 8-ball league players who want to bring their game to the next level. Learn strategy, position play, CB control, combination shots, carom shots, kiss shots, cluster shots, kick and bank shots, throw shots, safety play, jump shots, the break, end-game situations, rules and fouls, and numerous run-out examples with detailed explanations. Expand your repertoire of shots and become an effective offensive and defensive player, and learn how to run-out and win more often. This Video Encyclopedia of Eight Ball - Fundamentals and Basic Position Control DVD 1 features:

  • Safeties and 2-way shots
  • Post break analysis
  • Opening shot options
  • Choosing key balls
  • Position planning
  • Solving problems
  • Safeties and 2-way shots
  • 47 Minute Video
  • Author: Dr. Dave Alciatore PHD (Author of the popular Video Encyclopedia of Pool Series) with co-author Bob Jewett (Coach, referee and columnist for Billiards Digest and On The Break News)
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  • Dr. Dave has done it again!

    Posted by Paul on Jan 4th 2016

    Following the same format as his VEPS and VEPP series, there is tons of useful information in these DVDs. It will certainly take your 8-ball game up a few notches.