Tweeten Home Cue Repair Kit

Tweeten Home Cue Repair Kit

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The Tweeten billiard home repair kit is all you need to fix or replace tips on cues, this do it yourself kit includes:

  • 12 Elk Master leather cue tips 13mm
  • Tube Cue Tip Cement, with oval eye tube closer
  • Billiard cloth spots and mending tissue, gummed one side, moisten and attach like postage stamp
  • Cue tip trimmer, curved to shape the tip properly, with extra sandpaper
  • Plastic cue tip clamp, to use when re-tipping cues
  • 3 Master blue chalk cubes
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  • Home Cue Repair Kit

    Posted by KENNETH A. HORNBACK on Jan 11th 2017

    Have not yet had the opportunity to use the kit as yet.


    Posted by Richard on Sep 5th 2014

    I used this kit to install my first glue on tip. I followed the instructions and found that every item functioned perfectly. The glue that came with the kit is holding rock solid.
    I was surprised to get something that was manufactured so economically that function so well.

  • Nice for the price

    Posted by Jerry on Jul 10th 2014

    I've used it to repair 2 cues, does a good job.

  • Good for the price

    Posted by Bryce on Jun 18th 2014

    This kit is a pretty good deal considering it was only $11.95. The best pieces are the shaper and the tip jig. the planer is cheap, but you get what you pay for. it does the job, just takes a little longer. It's also nice that it comes with some elkmaster tips, which are great. other than that the rest is just waste. don't even mess with the cement that comes in the kit. its complete junk. just get some good gorilla super glue instead.

  • Lots of goodies

    Posted by Kevin on May 23rd 2014

    I needed a kit to repair a handful of house cues that were inherited. The kit comes with everything needed. Have not used it yet, but with knowledge and experience in performing this in the past I am confident this kit will do the job.

  • great price

    Posted by Michael Moore on Apr 9th 2014

    All you need for repairs on cues

  • Fix my Cue

    Posted by James on Mar 23rd 2014

    easy to use great purchase

  • Have not used yet.

    Posted by Jesse on Mar 12th 2014

    Everything pictured came as described.

  • 3 star review

    Posted by John on Mar 9th 2014

    the kit was as described and came with everything shown. I have a few gripes. the top ferrule sander is flimsy and not very functional. the sand paper was not glued to disc properly and had bumps in it which made it un-level. not going to complain too much because everything else seemed to work alright. I just opted to use impact resistant super glue gel instead of the cement this kit came with . hope this review provide some insight and is helpful.