Tiger SNIPER Laminated Cue Tip (EACH)

Tiger SNIPER Laminated Cue Tip (EACH)

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Tiger Sniper Laminated Cue Tips are made from a boar hide that is tanned the old fashioned way, under ground. Treated slowly and without any chemicals, each hide takes up to a year to tan completely. The hide is then treated in Tiger Products factory to give the Sniper tips characteristics that will improve your game. The Vaculam is a unique vacuum lamination process that eliminates air between the layers and within the leather. They have also added a new treatment, "APP" (Advanced Pressurized Process), to make these cue tips adaptable to any player or game, regardless of style. Tiger Products Guarantee that the Sniper tip has all the characteristics of a tip that will hold chalk well and will not Mushroom. It will give you maximum control, consistency and least amount of deflection a tip can offer. Sniper Laminated Cue Tips, Precision at it's best! Manufactured by Tiger Products. This Sniper Tip features:

  • Hardness: Med-Hard
  • Quantity: One (1) tip
  • Available sizes: 14mm
  • Made of Boar Hide leather
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  • Best tip for the money

    Posted by Robert on Nov 3rd 2012

    I am very happy with the tip, had it put on my fury and it is great. Plan on putting this tip on all my cues.
    Feels like a soft tip with the hit cant recomend these tips enough.

  • sniper tip

    Posted by Quinn Speich on Sep 27th 2012

    The Tiger Sniper tip is easy to shape and holds chalk well.

  • love these tips.

    Posted by Brandon on Sep 15th 2012

    Ive been using them for a long time now and its one of the few med. To med-hard tips that truely does play like a soft tip. I thought they were soft tips until a short time ago when i actually ordered them myself. I have absolutely nothing to say bad about these tips and will continue to play with them for years to come.


    Posted by billy on Sep 4th 2012

    Plays good. Feels Good. Won't Mushroom. Shapes well and does not fall apart into dust. Only better tip IMO is the Tiger Onyx.

  • Best tip

    Posted by silin li on Aug 24th 2012

    I recommend for anyone to try those out!

  • overall, a nice tip

    Posted by Mark on Jul 27th 2012

    A little firm so far. Nice control!

  • Recently had replaced a Walmart tip for a much better upgrade to Sniper tip.

    Posted by Rick Bartlett on Jul 9th 2012

    A word of warning...don't buy Walmart brand cue tip repair kits...they are too soft,wear out fast.I browsed online searching for a quality tip.Came across the Tiger Sniper Tip,googled a bit about this one.Decided to order one for my graphite cue stick that had a 12mm ferrule tip.Removed cheap walmart tip off,smoothed out the ferrule.Used 3 different grades sandpaper,sanded the dyed side before gluing to the tip.Let it cure 4 hrs,used a razor sharp boxcutter knife to remove excess fom 14mm to a 12mm.Shaped the tip down to a dime radius using the course sandpaper,then a medium.Applied my Cuetec Bowtie scuffer/shaper tool to round everything out flush.Used dry/wet fine,very fine sandpaper to smooth ferrule/tip edge flush.Went to the poolhall and chalked this tip,noticed it holds chalk very well.Began to break tip in rack after rack,shot after shot...well everything on cueball control and using a variety of english.This Tiger Sniper Cue tip does exactly what it my opinion it does improve your game and shots by at least 85% or better.For the small investment,it pays for itself game after game etc.I only chalk up before each rack,break...for a medium/hard tip it holds its own quite well :)

  • so far so good

    Posted by keith on Feb 18th 2012

    So far the tip is working out.


    Posted by LEFTY on Feb 4th 2012

    I used the Tiger Sniper Tip 3 years ago, and I still remember the quality feel & hit it possessed! Honestly what really made me want to get it was the name it had; TIGER SNIPER!!! Makes u feel like u have the eye of the TIGER with a SNIPER like tip! And that's how I began to play like I was Rocky Balboa in the ring fighting with this wonderful SNIPER tip. When I get the chance I will be playing with the TIGER SNIPER tip again, but in the mean time I am currently using the Kamui Black Soft tip. I love this tip, but honestly the TIGER SNIPER means way more than just the way it plays, but the name speaks for itself!!!! The name TIGER SNIPER just gives me more confidence bc I'm a SNIPER on the pool table, and what do SNIPERS well????? They shoot very well with an eye of the TIGER!!!!!