Tiger S4 Shaft Sealer

Tiger S4 Shaft Sealer

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The S4 Shaft Sealer by Tiger Products will seal smooth and protect your cue against moisture. Helps keep the shaft clean longer and fades the undesired maple grain. It's simple to use just simply apply the S4 shaft sealer to a cloth and smear on the shaft while turning it, then sand and repeat if needed. This Tiger S4 Shaft Sealer features:

  • 4oz Plastic Bottle
  • Comes with a nozzle for direct flow of fluid
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  • S4 Shaft Sealer 4 oz

    Posted by Ernest Wright on Dec 29th 2017

    A must for smooth shaft operation when playing

  • Superfulous

    Posted by Jim on Sep 5th 2014

    Good stuff, but overkill, if you ask me

  • shaft sealer

    Posted by Spencer on Mar 6th 2014

    This product worked very well. Now my pool cue stays smooth for a long time.

  • When it comes to Shaft cleaners, sealers and burnishing, no one comes close to Tiger Products!

    Posted by Malibu Mike on Dec 12th 2013

    Tiger, not only has the best Shafts on the market, they have the best shaft accessories, cleaners and are always coming up with new innovative Idea's. I took a tour of their plant yesterday and they will soon be introducing a new shaft sealant that will come standard on all their cue shafts, which will prevent the shaft from picking up unwanted hand oils, dirt and Chalk residue! When I asked Tony, the owner, "won't this hurt your shaft cleaning items?" and it was refreshing to hear "that he realized this but would not let marketing strategies get in the way of perfecting their product!" Look for great things from Tiger!
    Malibu Mike
    Past Grand Knight
    Knights of Columbus

  • S4 Shaft Sealer

    Posted by Mike on Dec 19th 2012

    Easy to use, and dries quickly. Leaves your cue looking like new, and protects the wood from moisture. The dispense nozzle is much too big and the sealer pours out too fast. The chalk dust will not stick to your cue and your cue doesn't turn the color of your chalk.

  • Like It A Lot!

    Posted by Mark on Sep 12th 2012

    I actually rubbed this solution into the shaft by hand as I don't own a lathe. I did this a few of times sanding in between coats with 1000 grit, 1200 grit and 1500 grit. The finished product turned out remarkably well. I honestly don't know that I could have expected more even haven followed the manufacturer's directions. I used a wood wax on top of the sealer. It feels and looks just like new and is as slippery as snot on a door knob.

  • Works good

    Posted by Quinn on Jun 21st 2012

    Seals shaft with very few coats and lasts. good product

  • Good Product

    Posted by Paul on Apr 24th 2012

    After cleaning the shaft, I use this product to seal it and help prevent dust and dirt from getting into the wood. It does a good job and slicks the shaft nicely.

  • sealer

    Posted by jimmy on Mar 21st 2012

    very good