Tiger Onyx Laminated Cue Tips - (Each)

Tiger Onyx Laminated Cue Tips - (Each)

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The Onyx laminated cue tips are made with the same bore hides as the Sniper tips. Each of the finest layers are then collected and aged with Tiger Products own secret process, turning each layer to black without using a black color dye. It is a very slow and time consuming process, however the end result is unbelievable to say the least. During this process, they are able to soften the layers to medium hardness, while making the leather firmer. It makes the tip easy to maintain and helps to cut better during repairs. Onyx Laminated Tips are the most consistent by far of any other cue tip in the billiard industry. For those who want to have the best, Onyx is the number 1 choice, because it's pure and it's perfect. This Tiger Onyx Laminated Cue Tip features:

  • Hardness: MEDIUM
  • Quantity: One (1) tip
  • Available sizes: 14mm
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  • Tiger Onyx Laminated Cue Tip

    Posted by Vance Riggs on Nov 28th 2023

    A well made tip. It is not as soft as I expected it would be. It is still a quality product

  • Onyx De-laminated on install

    Posted by Terry Kinder on Jan 20th 2017

    Probably just one bad tip, but I bought two Tiger Onyx tips and one of them came apart during installation. It simply pulled apart. They were able to re-glue the tip together and complete the installation, but I don't know if the play is the same now.

  • More like a soft

    Posted by Jim on Dec 10th 2016

    Shapes good but it feels like a soft tip and sound like a soft tip so far after about a 100 games it still holding shape

  • tip of confidence

    Posted by Mario on Jun 26th 2014

    I experienced a lot of tips but this tiger onyx tip is so useful
    In English shot. A lot different from kamui and other brands.

  • Excellent Tip

    Posted by Sam on Jun 13th 2014

    I have shaped this tip once since installation and haven't had to touch it since. I've been using it for about 2 weeks, maybe a total of 10 hours playing time. It has excellent action and a great feel. Well worth the price.

  • awesome

    Posted by robert hebel on Apr 25th 2014

    turned a cheap cue into a awesome cue

  • Tip Good

    Posted by Chad Depuydt on Oct 14th 2013

    Works Well

  • Sweet Tip

    Posted by Tyler on Jul 20th 2013

    Holds chalk and its shape great. Great English on cue ball. Would definately buy this tip again.

  • Plays like kamui, but holds chalk better

    Posted by Robert on May 14th 2013

    This is probably the closest you will come to a perfect tip. I have this installed on an OB shaft and couldn't be happier. I get the English of a kamui, but I don't have to constantly scuff the tip to get chalk to stay.