The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game - Mike Massey - Advanced Series

The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game - Mike Massey - Advanced Series

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From The Ultimate Pool Challenge Card Game comes the New Mike Massey Advanced Series. Mike Massey is a Professional Pool Player, Trick Shot Champion and BCA Hall of Fame Inductee who has newly designed an exciting way to play pool or poker at the same time. Advance your play by mastering these shots, then challenge your opponents with this strategic game. This game has Officially been recognized by the APA and is guaranteed to improve your shot making skills with every card that is drawn. Enjoy 2 ways to play the game, Original version or the new Texas Hold'em version on both you will be challenged to make different angle shots, combinations, multi-shot scenarios, caroms and break shots to earn your points until you conquer the table. So what are you waiting for! Shuffle, Draw, Shoot and master Mike Massey's Advanced Series of The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game. This The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game Advanced Series features:

  • 52 Playing Cards
  • New Texas Hold'em Version
  • Rules and Instructions
  • 2-4 Players
  • Doubles as a Standard Deck of Playing Cards
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  • Great Learning Tool

    Posted by Greg on Jul 16th 2019

    I bought these cards to help me see / learn the angles and to better play for position. The first time I practiced with these was for about two hours. Then I played a few games on 9-ball and I did WAY better than I normally do. Seeing the more common shots and angles that have given me trouble before aren't so tough anymore. I haven't actually played the game with anyone, but this is a great way to guide my practice sessions as well as keeping my eyes sharp.

  • Love these cards

    Posted by Brandon on Jul 25th 2016

    I also have the other pool challenge game and the shots in this deck are alot more fun. The cards also give more tips by including ball speed and a better diagram of the table. Highly recommended

  • Interesting and Fun

    Posted by Glynn on Aug 5th 2015

    This deck of cards is filled with numerous shots, some of which are helpful for actual play, others just for kicks and giggles. This should not be considered as fully instructional but there are some lessons to be learned.

    Looking for something besides regular game play with friends? check this out.

  • Challenging and fun!

    Posted by Shawn on Jul 18th 2012

    I bought both versions of the game and this version definitely has more challenging shots as well as more fun. Definitely helps you learn how to shoot difficult shots and set yourself up for the next!

  • The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game - Mike Massey

    Posted by Ron McCoy on Jan 12th 2012

    Great product, I like it.

  • Good for a beginner

    Posted by Sally on Jan 2nd 2012

    Really thought this would be a little more challangeing for the advanced pool shooter however a good overall pick for someone who is looking for a fun new way to master some shots

  • Fun game

    Posted by Darin on Oct 8th 2011

    This is a pretty fun game but I think it's more fun to make your own challenge shots. Plus it's too expensive

  • Poll challenge

    Posted by Ernest on Aug 31st 2011

    you really need it to keep you focus on the great shopt

  • game time

    Posted by wiley f on Feb 5th 2011

    keeps everyone involved. makes practice fun.