The Concise Book of Position Play with Instructional DVD

The Concise Book of Position Play with Instructional DVD

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The Concise Book of Position Play by Bill "Mr. 3 Cushion" Smith will give you the answers to master three cushion billiards. This book will teach you techniques, insights and strategies of the game. Learn the secrets to scoring from ball control to position play. Includes a DVD wich will give you further visual and clarity enhancement of the material described in the book. Elevate your game to the next level with the The Concise Book of Position Play which features:

  • An illustrated, 262 page book, 22 Chapters with Pictures and Diagrams
  • 94 minute DVD on position play principles in three cushion billiards
  • Master the Position-Play Concepts
  • Approaches to Common and Complicated Shots
  • For Intermediate to Advanced Players
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  • Excellent Book

    Posted by Harry on Aug 6th 2013

    Very helpful, my game has improved already

  • Good...

    Posted by Dan on May 4th 2012

    Definetly not for beginners. Although it wouldn't hurt a beginner, I believe its desinged for the player who has played for a while ( 1+ years) and is trying to achieve higher runs. This guy definetly knows his stuff.

  • Gain Knowledge

    Posted by Cory on Nov 25th 2011

    My skill level has greatly increased after applying some of these methods to my game!

  • excellent information

    Posted by Frank on Nov 20th 2011

    This book will take a great deal of time and practice to absorb, but in the short time that I have used it, I find some welcome improvements in my game.