The Amazing Sponge - No Blue

The Amazing Sponge - No Blue

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No Blue! The Amazing Sponge by Longoni Cues. Clean your old wood shaft with this incredible product that gets rid off those deep penetrating chalk residue that's left on your shaft after playing. Very easy to use and with just a few strokes you'll have your shaft looking like new again. Includes an ultra light sand paper and Instructions. For the best results look for the Longoni Shaft Protective Cream (LC17583) sold seperately. This Product Features:

  • No shaft diameter modifications
  • Deeply removes any chalk left
  • A new smooth feeling on your shaft
  • Extends the life of your shaft
  • Pocket packed, easy to carry in a case
  • No Chemical needed
  • Ultra light sandpaper included
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  • Works as advertised

    Posted by Melvin Moore on Mar 8th 2018

    Very easy to use and does real good job.

  • Great Shaft Cleaner

    Posted by Peter on Jun 18th 2017

    Really efficient in removing gunk and chalk from your shaft, leaving it smooth and clean. Does not damage your shaft.... a great buy !!

  • great product

    Posted by ole scratch on Apr 22nd 2017

    great product actually does what it says. took 90%(or better) of the blue out of my shaft it looks brand new again best thing I've tried yet just make sure you got something to reseal your shaft it will strip the finish

  • Truly amazing

    Posted by Tim on Apr 18th 2017

    Made my shaft new again

  • Good

    Posted by jock on Sep 20th 2016

    Works as said

  • The Amazing Sponge

    Posted by Charles on Sep 23rd 2015

    This works great ! It removes the blue from your shaft easily .

  • Amazing it is

    Posted by kraon on Sep 5th 2014

    I was greatly surprised on how clean my cue shaft was after using this product. It was easy to use and my shaft looks good.

  • It does erase the chalk from your stick.

    Posted by William Phipps on Sep 3rd 2014

    It works great on the ferrule, but if you get it on the shaft, you will have to clean and slick the shaft afterwards. It leaves a tacky feeling on the shaft. I still use it regularly, however, but only when I intend to clean and reslick the shaft anyway.

  • This sponge is amazing in taking out all the color from your cue

    Posted by Justin on Apr 14th 2014

    An amazing sponge that takes out all the check stains from your cue. I am not sure how it works, but it sure does it's job. After wetting the sponge and stroking through it, all the chalk seems to come off leaving you with a purely "wooden" shaft. In fact, the sponge becomes saturated in "rainbow" color after it absorbs all the chalk since I typically play on green, red, brown, and blue tables at different poolhalls.

    The ONLY reason I am giving it a 4 stars is because I'm not sure how it does it's job. When I see the sponge remove chalk of different colors that has accumulated on my shaft over time, I would like to know the mechanics of it. If the supplier explains how this product reacts with water to remove chalk stains, I will be more comfortable with it. Anyway, I use it regularly since I like to keep my shaft in purely wooden color looking sharp while other people have their shafts completely stained with chalk.