The Advanced Pro Book - Bob Henning

The Advanced Pro Book - Bob Henning

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Seven years of additional research from the author of The Pro Book, widely considered the most advanced training resource in pool. This book contains advanced strategies and training techniques and is intended for the serious pool player. It covers 5 major areas of strategy and training techniques for the serious pool player - Honing Your Technique, Mastering the Shot Routine, Mastering Advanced Tools, Getting Your Game Out, and Match Strategy. The Advanced Pro Book features:

  • Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks
  • Learn to get your best game out when you need it! Keep your focus under pressure!
  • Discover advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games. Learn to take control!
  • Hone your technique to a master’s edge by using your own natural coordination!
  • Increase your consistency by incorporating personal alignment, stroke and rhythm
  • Master the shot routine, visualization, and timing
  • Discover what is natural for you!
  • It's a free standing book and the original Pro Book is not required to use it effectively, but being familiar with The Pro Book or The Pro Book DVD Series would be an advantage
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  • The Advanced Pro book review

    Posted by JEFFREY on Aug 24th 2011

    I bought the book more for the drills than all of the writing and I can say the the drills are very good. The drills go over several facets of shooting pool like safeties, banks, technique shots and so on. I personally divided them up per day and use that as my training program. I'm not quite done with reading the book yet but I have always enjoyed the author's books and feel that this book will not be a disappointment.