Talisman Pro Layered Pool Cue Tip - Jump/Break

Talisman Pro Layered Pool Cue Tip - Jump/Break

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The New Talisman Pro Jump/Break Pool Cue Tip is made with 11 layers of high quality, specially selected grade 'A' pigskin. Each hide is skived to a uniform thickness and is laminated, creating uniform and consistent quality and response. Achieve power and accuracy on your next break or jump shot with the new Talisman Jump/Break Tip. It's time you take your game to the next level. This tip is sold individually. This Talisman Tip Features:

  • Hardness: Hard
  • Size: 14mm
  • Made of 11 layers of pig skin leather
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  • Michael Elkins

    Posted by Michael Elkins on Oct 29th 2018

    This is the tip I use on my playing cue. I have used more expensive tips but have not got the control like I get with these tips. If you have a good stroke I would highly recommend these tips

  • Talisman Pro Layered Pool Cue Tip - Jump/Break

    Posted by hank on Jun 6th 2017

    Happy with results, extremely hard tip, ideal for Breal/Jump uses.
    Installed easily, found out just how hard the tip is when I started to
    shape it. Very happy with the results.


    Posted by robert on Mar 15th 2014

    FOR THE WEEKEND PLAYER GREAT LONG LASTING HARD HITTING TIP WHEN YOU ARE READY TO UP YOUR GAME TRY THE WHITE LIGHTNING p. resin super hard much harder hitting made from same resins as the better pool balls but if you mis the mark by just a little the ball will leave the table so after you master these give the others a try these are better if you don't want to eventually damage the cue ball it a personal preference

  • ?

    Posted by JPM on Jul 8th 2013

    Also,waiting to determan durability. OH , not ohio . Spelling is not my forte!!!

  • Talisman Pro cue tip

    Posted by deborah on May 21st 2013

    Just what I needed. Really good break

  • Good Tip

    Posted by Ken on Jan 10th 2013

    Have used it for a couple of weeks and it seem to be holding its shape fairly well. Took quite awhile to shape the tip due to its hardness, but it continues to hold its shape it will be worth it.

  • Breaks great

    Posted by Gary on Sep 26th 2012

    Breaks good, but I can't lift the ball off the table to jump, I think its just not hard enough, but the harder tip just don't hold up as good when you have a lot of power, I only recommend as a break tip

  • What a difference a tip makes!

    Posted by Gary on May 12th 2012

    My new Cuetec R360 came with this tip and I'm amazed at the difference between it and the one on my old stick. I bought two extra, one for a spare and one for my old stick

  • good tip

    Posted by jimmy on Feb 15th 2012

    strong like phenolic