Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls - VALUE PACK

Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls - VALUE PACK

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The Super Pro Aramith Value Pack combines all of the top Aramith products into one economical package. This package includes:

  • Pro Cup cue ball
  • Complete set of Super Aramith Pro Balls
  • Jim Rempe Training Ball
  • Aramith Ball Cleaner
  • Aramith Cleaning Cloth
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  • The balls are excellent.

    Posted by Jerry on Dec 18th 2011

    I am enjoying playing with these beautiful, easy to see pool balls.

  • I am ready to play as if I were a pro

    Posted by Bernard Dittman on May 27th 2011

    The training balls will be great to help teach my nieces and nephews the finer art of ball control and placement.

  • Greatest ever

    Posted by Brock on Apr 9th 2011

    What a deal!!! Couldn't have asked for better equipment.

  • Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls

    Posted by John Fiorot on Feb 15th 2011

    Excellent service. The Pro Aramith Pool Balls even make the table look better and I'm very pleased with their performance. But with all great things there are pitfalls, namely I can no longer blame my misses on the balls not rolling true. I'm hoping with time the balls will find their own way into the pockets.

  • Super Responsive Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls

    Posted by Eugene on Jan 30th 2011

    We had a standard set of Olhausen balls and replaced them with the Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls Value Pack. The Aramith balls perform better on the break and individual shots. Also, the Aramith balls have decidedly have more action. The cue ball is especially responsive to the application of english and makes it easier to execute those difficult shots. We're very pleased with the Super Pro Aramith balls.

  • Love this set!

    Posted by Skip on Jan 21st 2011

    I'm just a beginner, but even I can see the balls move more predictably. Their super smooth finish lowers friction with the table surface so that the balls hold spin until they hit something. It's amazing how the dots of the cue ball allow you to see the speed and direction of spin. The cleaning supplies work well. Overall, this set is a real pleasure to use.