Spike Tip Tool - Black

Spike Tip Tool - Black

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This Black Spike Tip Pik Tool is an aluminum lightweight tool that's very handy to have around when your playing a game of pool. It easily pokes holes into your pool cue tip so when you chalk up it will hold and maintain chalk for a longer time resulting in fewer miscues. It includes a clip and key ring for easy carrying.

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  • AAA+++

    Posted by Jerry on Apr 21st 2013

    AAA+++ servvice

  • Works well however does not stay on key-chainwell

    Posted by Heather on Mar 20th 2013

    The tool itself works well however does not stay on key-chain well

  • Great!!!

    Posted by Greg on Feb 13th 2013

    This is a excellent tool, holds chalk really well!

  • Good tool

    Posted by Miles on Nov 2nd 2012

    Looks like it was built to last, spikes do not look like they will ever come out as they are "glued" in it appears. Nice and compact, However because its so short its hard to pik good on a harder tip but not impossible.

  • spike tip tool

    Posted by Dubblu on Aug 30th 2012

    helps the tip hold chalk without grinding it away with a scuffer.

  • Great and strong

    Posted by Joshua on Mar 23rd 2012

    Great tool to have. The tip is very strong. Definitely a lot better than the ultimate chalker.

  • spike tip tool

    Posted by Bruce on Nov 14th 2011

    Purchased this tool with my new players cue and wear/use it all the time. Would recommend this little gadget to anyone.

  • Just what I was looking for...

    Posted by Ben on May 25th 2011

    Great tip pick! small enough to fit in your pocket and on a key chain which is what I wanted. It has a quality feel to it, not too heavy but it doesn't feel cheap. My local store wanted twice this for a huge shaper all-in-one, this was perfect. Shipping was pretty good too.

  • does its job

    Posted by Jack on May 6th 2011

    does its job, holds chalk.