Smart Wipes Shaft Treatment and Cue Polish - 100 Count

Smart Wipes Shaft Treatment and Cue Polish - 100 Count

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The Smart Wipes Shaft Treatment and Cue Polish is a world class cue care one-step polishing treatment. These are high performance supersaturated wipes that will provide your shaft with an ultra smooth feel and a protective finish that repels moisture, dirt and chalk. This formula has been laboratory tested so it would not harm or damaged your cue in any way. Easy to use and packaged in a convenient dispenser for storage and traveling purposes. This Smart Wipes Product Features:

  • 100 - 6" x 9" wipes
  • Seals, conditions and preserves your wood shaft
  • Leaves an ultra smooth finish to enhance your stroke
  • Easy to use, one-step polishing treatment
  • Shines and helps remove surface scratches on the shaft
  • Provides a protective surface that repels moisture, fingerprints, dirt and chalk
  • Ideal for fiberglass, graphite and composite cues
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  • Smart Wipes Shaft Treatment

    Posted by Alfred V on May 23rd 2017

    works well to get the chalk off

  • I still use a slicker

    Posted by Brandon on Apr 28th 2017

    Great to polish and treat your shaft. Helps give your shaft some of the smooth feeling back after scrubbing it clean. Also makes your cue shine like new. Great product.

  • Great

    Posted by Ronald on Feb 23rd 2016

    Only used once so far but worked well

  • Serves its purpose

    Posted by Larry on Aug 30th 2015

    From a convenience standpoint, this is a good way to polish cue shafts. I personally prefer Q-Wiz or even a damp rag for cleaning cues. The box dispenses like baby wipes, so after pulling one out, the next one is caught by the lip. For me, though, I always had to open the lid to get the next one out because the first wipe detached before the lip could catch the next one. You also have to use this constantly otherwise the wipes will dry out.

  • smart wipes

    Posted by Gabriel on Jan 5th 2015

    this does really leave a treatment and a polish. it leaves a nice smooth to it.

  • Smart Wipes

    Posted by Franco on Aug 1st 2014

    Very good

  • Cue polish

    Posted by Gerald on Jun 29th 2014

    Package came open may have dried up some. Little disapointed probably could have use baby wipes and got same results

  • Cue Shaft Cleaner Wipes

    Posted by CharlieChef on Apr 14th 2014

    This is the second time I have order these particular wipes, it comes either in 20 count or 100 which I just received. These are excellent for cleaning the shaft on your cue, Takes off 99% of any dirt,blue etc. leaves the shaft nice and smooth. I usually follow it up with a wax that I also ordered. The guys in the league are really impressed on how smooth and clean my cues are and they too have ordered this product along with the wax.

  • The Best for keeping your whole cue clean.

    Posted by Chris on Sep 27th 2013

    What a great product for keeping you cues and shafts nice clean, slick like brand new. Give them a try. Thank You....