Silver Cup Chalk White - Dozen

Silver Cup Chalk White - Dozen

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12 Pack

The Silver Cup Chalk White Dozen Box has the precise formula and composition for accurate striking of the cue ball without costly miscues. Featured on many professional tournament matches shown on ESPN. It has become the solid choice of amateur tournaments, professional tournaments, recreation players, home tables, and of course, trick shot artists, who rely on the proper chalk to get the right friction, grip, spin, and results. This Silver Cup Chalk features:

  • White color
  • Improves accuracy to every shot
  • Adheres to cue tips easily
  • Sold by the dozen
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  • white çhauk

    Posted by Bruce Abraham on Aug 5th 2014

    Keeps my ferrules on que sticks from getting dirty. You can also see chips of chauk on felt better

  • White Chalk - Perfect for white pool table cloth

    Posted by Deanna on Feb 13th 2013

    The color choice is great with having white as the color of the cloth on the pool table.

  • nice response to english

    Posted by tessa on Oct 16th 2012

    I usually use blue chalk by another brand name it was course and didn't get the response I felt I should so I tried silver cup white it is finer and after I got it on the tip I really got a good response I would recommend it to anyone who wants great response out of there cue

  • SWEET!!!!!!

    Posted by Jeffrey on May 15th 2012

    I really like the white look of the chalk and it dose not mark the ferral. Now just got to find a white cloth table.

  • the chalk is great an so is the shipping great job

    Posted by eddie champagne on Mar 13th 2012

    everthing was great service an shipping good job

  • Chalk

    Posted by sherrie on Sep 12th 2011

    What can i say it did the job it was intended for.

  • Chalk

    Posted by Ronnie on Apr 7th 2011

    great chalk. I use this on my break stick. Adheres to the Tiger Icebreaker tip nicely and allows for proper application of english during the break.

  • $23 delivery for $15 item

    Posted by Bob on Feb 26th 2011

    Optional delivery costs (such as USPS) would be beneficial for future purchases.


    Posted by clay on Jan 17th 2011

    Couldn't find white chalk in Australia, price was dirt cheap $3, but priority shipping hurt @$30... delivery was prompt reliable and I would recommend to others