Silver Cup Chalk - Pink - Dozen

Silver Cup Chalk - Pink - Dozen

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12 Pack

The Silver Cup Chalk Pink Dozen Box has the precise formula and composition for accurate striking of the cue ball without costly miscues. Featured on many professional tournament matches shown on ESPN. It has become the solid choice of amateur tournaments, professional tournaments, recreation players, home tables, and of course, trick shot artists, who rely on the proper chalk to get the right friction, grip, spin, and results. This Silver Cup Chalk features:

  • Pink color
  • Improves accuracy to every shot
  • Adheres to cue tips easily
  • Sold by the dozen
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  • Great Chalk, Fun Color

    Posted by Narda on Jan 26th 2017

    This is a great fun chalk. My team color is hot pink and even the guys wear it and use the pink chalk. It makes for a lot of fun.
    The chalk it's self is a very good chalk. It sticks well and covers the cue tip very well. I'd recommend this chalk to anyone who plays pool.
    Cool Men Wear Pink Pool Shirts and use pink chalk!

  • Great Chalk

    Posted by Steve on Sep 15th 2014

    A great chalk at a great price.

  • Good Product

    Posted by Fran on Jun 15th 2014

    That work great and love the color

  • Silver Cup Chalk-pink

    Posted by Kathryn on Apr 12th 2014

    My almost 5 year old granddaughter was fascinated with us playing pool. She likes the chalk. She wanted pink chalk. I got her pink chalk. It's perfectly functional chalk, in pink. Does what it should and is pink.

  • okay chalk

    Posted by vincent Porzio on Nov 3rd 2013

    bought for my wife she didn't like it. dosen't stick well

  • Love it!

    Posted by Shelley on Apr 27th 2013

    The color on the picture is not the actual color of the chalk. It is a pastel pink. But I love the chalk. It is more allergy friendly than some I have had in the past!

  • Love It!!!

    Posted by Amber on Mar 3rd 2013

    I started using this chalk 5 years ago when I bought my first pool stick. I love the color and how well it sticks to my stick. Another bonus is the light color does not stain my stick or make a mess of my hands. I have recommended this chalk to many friends who now use it as well.

  • Silver Cup Pink Chalk box of one dozen ~ XLNT Quality

    Posted by Eugene on Jan 26th 2013

    This high quality composition pink billiard cue tip chalk promotes precise play and stick performance. Silver cup chalk helps prevent annoying miscues, since the chalk sticks better. This chalk enables the player to obtain the proper cue tip adherence for superior grip, English and performance. Item Code: CHS12-PNK

  • Silver Cup Chalk - Pink

    Posted by Kevin on Nov 17th 2011

    Girl friend loves the pink color. Easy to see on my green pool table. Chalk stays on the pool cue tip and enables control or the cue ball.