Shot Darts Zen Dojo Soft Tip Dart Set

Shot Darts Zen Dojo Soft Tip Dart Set

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The Shot Darts Zen Dojo Soft Tip Dart Set is from a range of quality tungsten darts for focused play and free of distraction. Precision made at the Shot Darts factory in New Zealand, Zen barrels feature classic ring grips and push points that will suit most players and throwing styles. When hand and dart work in harmony, the perfect throw becomes natural and effortless. The Dojo front weighted 80% tungsten barrels are designed to hit the board with certainty every time, to help improve your game. This set is a great all-rounder that will suit players that prefer a center to forward weighted dart. In a solid and dependable torpedo shape, with classic scallop and ring grips that run from the front to rear of the barrel. Zen Dojo soft tip is designed with a smoother nose area for ease of release of the dart from the board. This Shot Dart features:

  • Weight: 18 or 20 Grams
  • Darts: Set of 3
  • Flights: Zen Dojo Small Standard
  • Shaft: Black Aluminum Anodized Pyramid In-Between Size
  • Points: Premium Lippoint
  • Material: 80% Tungsten
  • Thread: 2BA
  • Grip: Ring and Scallop
  • Grip Level: 3/5
  • Shape: Torpedo
  • Balance: Front Weighted
  • Barrel Diameter: 7.2mm (18gm), 7.7mm (20gm)
  • Barrel Length: 39mm (18gm), 40mm (20gm)
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