Shot Darts Warrior Kapene Soft Tip Dart Set

Shot Darts Warrior Kapene Soft Tip Dart Set

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The Shot Darts Warrior Kapene Soft Tip Dart Set is inspired by our home, and honours the warrior within. We commissioned Tauranga carver Whare Thompson to design a sleeve Ta Moko tattoo that wraps around and runs along the length of the barrel and is echoed in the flight. With a straight shape and center weight, Kapene boasts a generous shark grip along the barrel. Rear and front scallops give this 90% Tungsten dart set two positive throw areas for a strong push and a sure reference point. Armored in superfine Titanium with a laser-etched Ta Moko (tribal tattoo) sleeve that’s echoed in its flight. The Kapene is a very agile dart, with grip featuring along the entire barrel, dart players can find positive finger placement at any point. A slight front scallop follows the smooth ring grip nose; then flows on to a telescopic-like wide shark grip. A more extensive scallop features at the rear of the dart. The decorative Cinder Grip has been laser applied and adds a layer of superfine traction which aids a controlled throw. This Shot Dart features:

  • Weight: 18 or 20 Grams
  • Darts: Set of 3
  • Flights: Warrior Kapene Small Standard
  • Shaft: Tao Black Carbon In-Between with Rings
  • Points: Premium Lippoint
  • Material: 90% Tungsten
  • Thread: 2BA
  • Grip: Wide Shark
  • Grip Level: 3/5
  • Shape: Straight
  • Balance: Center Weighted
  • Barrel Diameter: 6.1mm (18gm), 6.2mm (20gm)
  • Barrel Length: 50mm
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