Shooters Stone Pool Cue Holder - Black and White - Holds Up to 6 Cues

Shooters Stone Pool Cue Holder - Black and White - Holds Up to 6 Cues

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The Shooter's Stone in Black and White is a 6 Cue Holder device that can be placed on the edge of any table. It simply sticks to any flat surface and stays in place to hold your cues. It comes in two halves to provide different options to lean your cues on a table, you can split them up in different ends to hold 2 or 3 on each side, on a corner to hold 6 cues(3 on each side) or together in a straight line to hold 5 cues at once. This multi-color design features eagle eyes on the top of one half and is hand poured, therefore, no two items will be exactly the same. This unique looking portable cue holder also serves as a coin holder convenient if you are playing in a coin operated table. This Shooters Stone also features:

  • Holds Up To 6 Cues
  • 2 Piece Set that is stored back to back on one backing plate to store easily
  • Includes a hanging chain to attach to your case or easily fits inside a pocket when you travel
  • One side can hold up to 8 dollars in quarters
  • Measures 3" x 2.25" and Weighs approximately 75 grams
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  • cue holder

    Posted by chauncey williams on Jan 17th 2017

    item dose not stay on most surfaces

  • Shooters Stone Pool Cue Holder, interesting but not made out of stone.

    Posted by Mike Murphy on Nov 14th 2013

    This is a decent cue stick holder for those who do not want to get their holders mixed-up with a Q-Claw type holder, after a tournament or in a crowded pool hall. It works well but one thing it is not made of stone but rubber, still it looks cool and it also fits easily into any case, which is good. I like it, it's very different and I get many remarks on it.

  • very nice

    Posted by howard b on Nov 3rd 2013

    sticks anywhere keeps cues in place until ready for shooter

  • not bad

    Posted by Ben on Nov 18th 2012

    i originally thought this was a one piece cue holder. upon receiving it i discovered it is two pieces and made of rubber. not what i expected, but it does hold my cues nicely.

  • Sticks anywhere

    Posted by Frank on Sep 29th 2012

    excellent item

  • Great Quality

    Posted by Robbie on Jul 30th 2011

    holds cues nice

  • It works

    Posted by Kevin Bolin on Jul 23rd 2011

    The chained plastic holder attached to my bag reminds me to take the holder home at he end of the night. Without a reminder, I would forget and leave this thing at the bar. It sticks to surfaces tenaciously.