Screw On Tips - 13mm

Screw On Tips - 13mm

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If you have a pool cue that uses a screw-on tip then you need to have extra tips available. These are quick and easy to replace so make sure to have these tips on hand for when the time to do a tip change comes. These screw on tips feature:

  • 13mm Size
  • Leather tip
  • Threaded brass screw-in
  • Designed to fit quickly onto a screw-on ferrule
  • Easy glue free installation
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  • 13 mm Screw-on Tips

    Posted by Gary on Sep 9th 2016

    Originally purchased for use on a low-cost cue stick from Walmart. Some inconsistencies in the assemblies. The screw studs varied somewhat in length, and a few seemed slightly off center or even not oriented 90 degrees to the plastic tip base. The screws in some tips would bottom out in the ferrule and therefore prevent the plastic base of the tip from fully seating onto the end of the ferrule. Had to drill out the ferrule a bit more and tap it to provide more thread depth to allow the tips to properly seat on the end of the ferrule. Tips seem to be of medium hardness. By sorting the group, found that most pieces in the lot were useable. Probably okay for the casual player with an entry-level cue stick that uses screw-on tips.

  • Screw on tips

    Posted by SP on Jul 21st 2014

    easy installation

  • I am a difficulty person to satisfy, I grade hard.

    Posted by Guare X on May 22nd 2014

    the items satisfied me.

  • Screw On Tips - 13mm

    Posted by domenic on Mar 8th 2014

    Good screw-on replacement tip.

  • 13mm Screw On Tips

    Posted by John on Mar 4th 2014

    Super price. I use them to replace the original screw tips that come on a screw tip stick(12.5 mm). I like the 13mm size because you can sand them down perfectly to fit your shaft(no lip just nice and smooth) Because of that the stick is straighter and more precise.Also I believe they are alittle softer than original tip.Can't go wrong!

  • Screw tip

    Posted by Jason on Mar 2nd 2014

    Works great. No complaints

  • need tips

    Posted by serena on Jan 8th 2014

    easily replace worn out tips,

  • 13mm Screw On Tips

    Posted by Mark on Dec 6th 2013

    I play pool every week and these tips hold up very well.

  • 13 mm tips

    Posted by Brent Anderson on Sep 25th 2013

    These tips do the job, they fit my cue perfect.