Scorpion One Piece Cue - Black - 19oz

Scorpion One Piece Cue - Black - 19oz

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This Scorpion Cue comes in one piece and has maple core that's enhanced with fiberglass cue technology to prevent warping and dents. This one piece house cue comes in a black solid color with a 19 ounce weight. This cue also features:

  • One Piece Solid Black Design
  • 58 1/2 Length
  • No Wrap
  • Black Ferrule
  • 13mm Water Buffalo Tip
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  • Not Too Bad

    Posted by Leo on Feb 2nd 2018

    The good news: These sticks are laser straight, the shaft is so smooth and slick that talc is not needed, even with sweaty hands.
    The hit is pretty descent, especially for a house cue.
    The not so good: The shaft is too slender ( for my hands anyway. Your mileage may vary) and the tip is just ok.
    For about the same money, I personally like the Dufferin cues a little better. You might lose the super cool all black stealth look, but you get a better shaft and tip. Which equals a better hit.

  • A step up from most 1 pieces

    Posted by Jake on Aug 10th 2017

    I was a little bit worried the action would start to feel a little grimy like some graphite cues I have had but it doesnt seem to be still. A step up from most 1 pieces great for guests or breaks.

  • High Quality

    Posted by Charles on Apr 12th 2015

    Black One Piece, Sweet

  • 19 oz Scorpion Cue

    Posted by Jamey on Mar 26th 2015

    We bought a set of these cues to be used by guests and they work great. Well made and durable and I like the black finish. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a little nicer "house" cue.

  • erggg..into ohh laa la

    Posted by sean kim on Apr 15th 2013

    bought two, mediocer, but straight and true..I figured that...retipped one with elk tip the other with a triangle tip..holy toledo what a $1.25 tip change does to a cue...This cue feels so good it makes you drool..showed it to one friend..and all he said was mine ,, mine...mine. for 3 days, got tired of it so i sold it to him for $30...the other, Someone offered me $50 so i said ooohhhhh k....thank u very much...It just feels slick and plays well.,,If you want to love this stick you have to retip it.

  • Exceptional Deal

    Posted by Susan on Apr 15th 2013

    I purchased two of these sticks for our Clubhouse billiards room and the resident players really like them. They are very well made and a goodprice to boot.

  • Boyfriend loves it!

    Posted by debbi on Apr 10th 2013

    My BF is a scorpio so i got him this cue on a whim, due to the graphics. It's now one of his fav cues. We play pool several times a week for hours on end so for him to love this cue says volumes.

  • Great House Cue

    Posted by tim on Feb 4th 2013

    I bought this for my friends to use, but I was really shocked how much... I... like it. It's really one of my favorites to use now. Very smooth taper and glides through your fingers with ease. I think I might get another while they're this cheap!

  • nice shooting

    Posted by David Wright on Oct 23rd 2011

    nice straight stick, slick looking