Rubber Pool Table Pocket/Gulley Boots (Set of 6)

Rubber Pool Table Pocket/Gulley Boots (Set of 6)

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  • Very nice quality !

    Posted by Ralph Santangelo on Jun 20th 2017

    I bought these for a 47 year old Minnesota Fats pool table. I want with these pocket because someone left a review stating that they worked perfect for their old Minnesota Fats table. They were correct,and I didn't even have to trim them ! I think they're nicer than the pockets that came with the original table.They're very thick and made with a very nice quality of rubber.
    The only thing I was disappointed in with this purchase, is they didn't come with nails to install them. I had to buy them off of eBay. I don't know why Ozonebillards doesn't sell some kind of nail to install these pockets .How hard would it be, to offer a selection of different lengths of nails ,to install these liners ? The ones I bought on ebay were 3/4" long,and I can't imagine anyone needing a longer nail ,so why not offer 3/4" inch nails on the website?

  • Worked

    Posted by Jeffrey on Jul 31st 2014

    Did the job I needed them to. A little tight in my older valley but got them set. Looks nice.

  • From worn to complete

    Posted by JB on Aug 6th 2012

    When refurbishing our pool table we needed to replace many things that could not be built; the rubber on the corners were especially worn and torn and needed to be replaced. We looked through several different sites and compared prices and items to replace the rubber and pocket gulley boots. We found some you could buy separately they were more expensive and just did not seem as feasible to our needs. we contemplated on several different styles and decided to buy the rubber pool table pocket/gulley boots all in one and they are the perfect fit for the size and needs of our table. The price was right and the items we bought were just what we needed to complete our refurbished table.

  • excallent

    Posted by brian cotes on Aug 3rd 2012


  • Simply Amazing

    Posted by James Hirner on Jun 25th 2012

    Let me start with I purchased these after I recieved a phone text from one of the volunteer firefighters that had jus been at our home association playing pool with his son...he stated that the wierdest thing just happened....he hit a ball into a pocket and it went right through the pocket into the bottom of the table....our old table didn't have access holes underneath it so I literally had to remove alot to get to the ball.....these pocket were well over due to be replaced obviously, but prior to my arrival everyone there thought the table was too old to find replacement pockets for it......thats where I came in and said I'll get them. I went on line found your web site bought what I thought would work and with-in days installed them and put the table back together.....what a breeze and everyone loves the fact that none of the balls get stuck in the corners anymore and I won't have to take it apart to retrieve any either. So from all of the Volunteer Firefighters here in N. Catasauqua......Thank You

  • Perfect fit

    Posted by ppg on Apr 10th 2012

    Just what I needed to repair my ball return system

  • Works Fine. Looks Only Okay

    Posted by Stephen on Nov 29th 2011

    They do the job but don't look that great. I have a home table that I bought them for and was disappointed that the rubber wasn't nicer looking on the rims. It looks like a mixture of gloss and flat and there are lines along the edge from where they came out of the mold still. Got them installed after quite a bit of trimming (not along the top, along the side walls). Which was fine...would rather have too much then not enough. Nice that the set has 2 smaller size for the side pockets. They fit better that way. Good for the price!

  • They work

    Posted by Gary on Oct 24th 2011

    They were a little narrow for my valley table corner pockets so I used pocket liners over them. worked out great and they even look better than the original pockets.

  • gulley boots

    Posted by charles on Jun 21st 2011

    nice but don't be confused, these are a gulley boot and corner pocket combined. It will work but if you are looking for 2 seperate items these are not what you want.