Realtree Hardwood Camouflage Pool Cue

Realtree Hardwood Camouflage Pool Cue

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The Viper Realtree Hardwoods Camouflage Pool Cue comes from the Viper Signature Series. If you love outdoors and shooting pool, then represent your two passions with Bill Jordan's Realtree Hardwoods Pool Cue Design. This Pool Cue Features:

  • Camouflage Design
  • 13mm 29 Hardwood Shaft with Pro Taper
  • Leather Tip with Fiber Ferrule
  • 5/16 x 18 Joint
  • Black and White Nylon Wrap
  • Black Composite Collar
  • 58 Cue Length
  • Weight varies from 18 to 21oz
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
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  • Realtree Hardwood Camouflage Pool Cue

    Posted by Mark Soine on Oct 30th 2017

    Fairly good quality stick, except has a slight warp in it.

  • Great stick!!

    Posted by Shannon on Apr 7th 2014

    Great stick equal balance nice price.

  • You will love it!!!!!

    Posted by Casey Jeffrey on Feb 24th 2014

    Great stick love the pattern, most of all the stick is very consistent and has won many matches for me!!!!!! Great starter stick, just make sure you upgrade the tip and you will love it!!!!

  • disappointed

    Posted by Katie on Oct 24th 2013

    I was very dissatisfied when i received this product. It was really short. about 2 inches shorter than all other cues. The shaft is the same size as other cues its just the handle. It would be nice if they put that on the website how big they are. The only thing good is that they sent me a 19 oz like i asked for. But the main reason i got it was for the camo. So now i took the shaft off this stick and just put on my old cue stick. Would make a great kids stick.

  • Realtree Hardwood Camouflage Pool Cue

    Posted by Bernard on Oct 15th 2013

    Nice stick for the price.........

  • awesome

    Posted by Ashley on Aug 13th 2013

    The camo turns heads wherever I go, love it! Will be buying more when I get a table

  • Great Stick

    Posted by CJ Smith on Apr 24th 2013

    Great stick, it shoots very true. My only complaint is the tip. If you are planning on purchasing this Cue make sure to upgrade the tip.

  • Very easy to find what I wanted

    Posted by Jeanne on Jan 16th 2013

    This was bought for a beginning teenage player who loves Camouflage. Awesome response from him when he saw it. Thanks!

  • Disappointed

    Posted by Cyndi on Sep 8th 2012

    I think you should offer a free case to go with the pool cue like Dick's Sporting Goods does. Makes the gift seem alot nicer when you present it.