Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

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Microfiber works best when cleaning your table. When you spray Quick-Clean on your table you have created a positive charge on your table cloth. The microfiber has a negative charge so they will be attracted to each other and the dust and chalk are picked up and absorbed from the surface. The combination of Quick-Clean and the Micro-Fiber Wiper allow you to clean your table in 60 seconds.

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  • Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

    Posted by Paul on Mar 9th 2014

    Good quality, washable, and will outlast most components of your table (other than the slate).

  • nice and clean

    Posted by Xavier on Feb 6th 2014

    Does an awesome job

  • wash it

    Posted by Jason on Jun 19th 2013

    worked good but wish i would have washed it first to prevent shedding I had to vacuum behind it the first time but after washing it it was much better

  • Works just fine...

    Posted by Leo on May 3rd 2013

    This products works but the micro fiber does not fit 100% secure to the pole so it kinds of moves when you use it. Also, the first time I used it, it left a lot of micro fiber residue on the table rather than cleaning. I wish it had come with instructions indicating that you should machine wash it before the first use. After I washed it, no more residue, however, still does not feel 100% secure to the frame. In my opinion, this product is overpriced for what it does. Any similar cheaper product even without the frame would works as good.

  • decent

    Posted by Zack on Apr 9th 2013

    works great, but kinda pricey for a basic item.

  • Great

    Posted by Mark on Mar 31st 2013

    Perfect for quick clean product!

  • picks up everything..

    Posted by Giovanni Francesco on Oct 5th 2012

    The good hand in hand with the spray on Quick clean.
    With the 2 of em, I'm actually cleaning my tble more and it looks a lot better.
    Great Product.

  • Micro Fiber Wiper

    Posted by Brandon G. on Aug 9th 2012

    I use this in combination with felt cleaner to clean my pool table surface as well as the rails. It does a great job of picking up the chalk marks!!!

  • necessary

    Posted by michael on May 5th 2012

    if you plan on using a spray on felt cleaner this is a must