Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

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Microfiber works best when cleaning your table. When you spray Quick-Clean on your table you have created a positive charge on your table cloth. The microfiber has a negative charge so they will be attracted to each other and the dust and chalk are picked up and absorbed from the surface. The combination of Quick-Clean and the Micro-Fiber Wiper allow you to clean your table in 60 seconds.

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  • Quick Clean microfiber wiper

    Posted by Mark W McGee on May 4th 2020

    Purchased along with the Quick Clean pool table cleaner as per the manufacturer's recommendation. The wiper makes the pickup of the QC spray fast and through. As he states in his video the spray and the wiper are opposite in charge so the chalk and dirt are lifted from the table. You can play almost immediately like it's dry cleaned. I only wished extra wiper cloth heads were available so you could wash one and still keep using the wiper.

  • Quick-clean micro fiber wiper

    Posted by Bill on Sep 14th 2018

    Not as pictured. Different microfiber cloth. Velcro straps that hold microfiber cloth to handle can rub on table. First time I used it, little pieces of cloth were left on table. After first use, they did not appear again. All that said, it does a good job when combined with the Quick Clean spray.

  • Quick Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

    Posted by Bill Cook on Sep 6th 2018

    Works well. Be sure to wash it first. I didnt. The first time I used it, it left "lint" all over table.!

  • fiber wiper

    Posted by Emerson on Mar 20th 2018

    Arrived quickly and works great!

  • Works as it should

    Posted by Bill Skar on Jan 11th 2017

    I used it and it did the job. I'm just a little concerned because there was a streak
    left on the table the second time around. Hard to explain what but Next time I try it
    I'll kinda know. Maybe this item need to be washed often

  • Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

    Posted by Bernie on Dec 12th 2016

    Works really well

  • It's Okay!

    Posted by Homer on Jul 10th 2016

    I tried to make my own before purchasing the Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper, it was a waste of money. This product is handy but it's not worth the price. Trying to clean get under the rails is not easy but overall until a better product is made, I'll continue using this.

  • Read the other reviews!!

    Posted by Kevin Singh on May 30th 2014

    As stated in the other reviews, it must be washed first!!! this in combination with championship felt cleaner did a pretty good job. I don't see the need to vacuum my table.
    I'm shooting on an olhausen with championship mercury ultra unbacked felt if that helps any...

  • Gotta Love the MicroFiber!

    Posted by Patrick on Mar 11th 2014

    This likes to Clean your Table. I use it with the David Hodges' Quick-Clean. Just make sure you don't spray too thick. It will stain the felt if not done correctly.