Q2 Pool Cue Holder - Black

Q2 Pool Cue Holder - Black

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2 Cues

The Q2 Pool Cue Holder is a cool device that securely holds your cue when you rested on the edge of a table. It holds 2 cues at the same time and it has a slot to hold quarters in for when you play on a coin operated pool table. It securely sticks to any top edge surface without the requirement of a weight, clip or clamp. This is a small lightweight portable cue holder so that you can carry in a pocket when you travel to go play. This product features a molded rubber graphic of a claw and comes in a black color. Rest your cue with the original Q2 Pool Cue Holder.

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  • Works great. Does just what it's supposed to do.

    Posted by Ken Marthia on Mar 23rd 2020

    Shipping cost more than the product, but who cares, right.

  • Not quite what I expected but

    Posted by Jake on Aug 10th 2017

    Not quite what I expected with it sticking to the surface rather then being weighted like others I own. I got this because I liked the coin holder idea and hold less cues in those departments it delivers. I will be interested to see how long it stays sticky, have only stuck it to a few so far.

  • It's O.K.

    Posted by Bob on Feb 21st 2014

    What needs to be said, it holds your que.


    Posted by Paul on Oct 13th 2012

    it stays in place and holds the cues as well as any open type of holder. Even on tables with raised trim around the edge. It is kinda sticky feeling and I keep it in a baggie when not in use to keep it from attracting dust.

  • Pool Cue Holder

    Posted by Vann Mobley on Sep 1st 2012

    I was totally surprised at how fast I got the item(s) I ordered and will visit again with future needs.

  • everything in order

    Posted by Roxana Cambara on Nov 23rd 2011

    all I need and very necessary

  • Great Product!!

    Posted by Ryan on Nov 14th 2011

    Great best on a flat table with a sqaure edge though....if the edge of the table is rounded it doesnt seem to like to stick as well.

  • Not what I expected

    Posted by Evelyn on Jun 29th 2011

    In buying this product I thought it was going to be alittle more substantial, weight wise, it's too light and doesn't stay positioned as well when placed on a surface.