Predator Cues K Series Pete Classics PRE LE R4

Predator Cues K Series Pete Classics PRE LE R4

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The Predator Cues K Series Classics PRE LE R4 goes back to the roots and heritage of the game. Sometimes history is worth repeating. As a reminder of where Predator came from, these K-Series Classics embrace the traditions of American cue artistry and reintroduces some of Predator's most memorable cue designs. These classics are built using Predator’s traditional construction and is crafted from fine exotic wood and inlaid ring sets. A timeless look that is only available for a limited time. This Predator Cue features:

  • Design: Black, Green Stained Birdseye Maple, Cream Points and Windows with Notched Diamond Inlays, Coffee Stained Birdseye Maple Forearm and Butt Sleeve, Aluminum Rings
  • Shaft Options: 314-3 12.75mm, Z-3 11.75mm, Vantage 12.9mm, Revo 11.8mm, Revo 12.4mm and Revo 12.9mm
  • Tip: Premium Predator Victory 8 layers
  • Joint: Uni-Loc Quick Release
  • Wrap: Black Linen
  • Joint Collar: Stainless Steel
  • Butt Cap: Elongated Ivorine featuring Both Original and New Predator Logos
  • Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System
  • Predator Limited Edition Cue
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Predator Warranty Information

Predator Products (Predator) is committed to the performance and durability of its products. To protect your investment, Predator offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Terms And Conditions. Predator warrants solely to the original purchaser of the product, for as long as he/she may own it, that it shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to asserted defects resulting from: (a) normal wear and tear; (b) modification, misuse, abuse or improper maintenance; and/or (c) damage associated with exposure to extreme temperature or humidity. This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies only to those products purchased from authorized dealers of Predator or from Predator directly. Predator shafts designed for Uni-Loc and Radial joints are only warranted when coupled with Original Uni-Loc and Radial joints.

Limitation On Obligations. The obligations of Predator hereunder are limited to repair or replacement of any product found to be defective under this Limited Lifetime Warranty. In no event shall Predator be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, of any nature, or kind or for damages to or loss of property. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is the sole warranty for Predator cues and shafts and is given in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose.

Sole Warranty. This Limited Lifetime Warranty, as set forth herein, constitutes the entire warranty and representation of Predator with regard to its cues and shafts. This Limited Lifetime Warranty shall be controlling over any conflicting terms and conditions of any purchase orders, contracts or invoices that may be executed in connection with the purchase of the product. No representation or warranty made by any Predator employee, dealer or agent shall be binding upon Predator other than as set forth herein.

Claim Procedures. Claims for warranty performance and service shall be made by sending the product, with shipping and insurance prepaid by the purchaser, to Predator Group, Attn: Returns Department, 7255 Salisbury Road, Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32256, United States together with (a) evidence of original purchase and (b) a completed Repair/Return Form.

Upon receipt, Predator will review the description of the asserted defect, examine the product and make repairs and replacements as appropriate under this Limited Lifetime Warranty. Upon completion of the service, Predator shall return the product to the original purchaser, with shipping and insurance prepaid by Predator. If it is determined that the asserted defect is not covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty, the original purchaser will be contacted and offered a repair service if applicable, or the product will be returned.

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