Predator Chalk 1080 Pure Blue 5 Piece Tube

Predator Chalk 1080 Pure Blue 5 Piece Tube

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5 Pack

The New High Performance Predator Chalk 1080 Pure. After Years of research and development, then tested by todays top pro players, Predator has created the next best thing in billiards. The Predator 1080 Pure High performance chalk is made with a special formula that utilizes pure silica and an exact development process to create a winning combination. This Predator Chalk 1080 Pure features:

  • Blue color chalk
  • Improved accuracy
  • Greater consistency
  • Increased spin
  • Longer on tip chalk life
  • Better application coverage and comfort
  • 5 Piece Tube
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  • Predator chalk

    Posted by Robert white on Oct 23rd 2017

    I alway's used Kamui chalk in till i tried Predator chalk it plays about the same i chalk two or three times a game no miss cues

  • Great chalk

    Posted by James on Sep 1st 2017

    Applies easy. Stays on tip longer. Improves cue ball control.

  • Best chalk for the money

    Posted by Morris on Aug 22nd 2017

    I've used several other brands of chalk but Predator brand is by far the best for the money.

  • It's chalk.

    Posted by Mike on Aug 6th 2017

    It stays on the tip longer. I think. I still have the habit of chalking after every hit. But I need all the help I can get.

  • Better than masters

    Posted by Brandon on Aug 1st 2017

    I think this is better than masters. I feel like my cue stays chalked slightly longer with this. Still would want to chalk after every shot with this. I got it to try on my jump/break I prefer to use blue diamond just bc it's more of a power and is easier to jump with. I use kamui chalk on my shooting cue. But this is definitely a great cheaper option if you didn't want to spend the money on an expensive chalk

  • Great product

    Posted by Chad on Jun 3rd 2017

    Stays on the tip longer than your average chalk. It doesn't produce as much dust so cloth stays cleaner. Playability is what you would expect from Predator.

  • Interesting chalk

    Posted by David on Jun 2nd 2017

    I am new to trying this chalk to see if it was better than the Master chalk been using, it does seem to be less messy but still tying to determine if it is really better.

  • Great chalk

    Posted by Tyler on May 31st 2017

    Best you can get for this price. Its the only chalk I use.

  • No Miss Cues

    Posted by Kade on May 19th 2017

    Great chalk, grips good, no slips, have not miss cued since I started using this chalk. Love the shape so it is easy to know what chalk is mine.