Power One Pocket Billiard DVD by Scott Frost

Power One Pocket Billiard DVD by Scott Frost

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The Power One Pocket Pool Instructional DVD is filled with shots you might think are impossible and things you might have never seen before. Scott Frost has won every major title in this game and is regarded by many as the best one pocket player in the world today. He is known as a very aggressive player. There is so much information in this 90 minute billiard video that you will need to come back to it again and again as your game evolves on your journey to becoming a great one pocket player. The chapters are: Racking and Breaking, Returning the Break, Taking Fouls, Running Balls, Putting Pressure on Your Opponent, The End Game, and Power End Game Shots. Bonus features are: Shot Stories, Road Stories, The L Drill, One Pocket Rules, and One Pocket Tournament Records. The Power One Pocket Pool Instructional DVD also features:

  • DVD Filled With Shots You Might Think Are Impossible
  • 90 Minute Video with Scott Frost
  • Scott Frost Has Won Every Major Title In This Game
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  • Great One Pocket DVD

    Posted by Richard on Jul 15th 2014

    This is a must have for any One Pocket players. Scott helps you find solutions to problems while turning the game around in your favor. The power shots get the most value and will really step your game up. Very clear and detailed on how to hit each shot.

  • Scott Frost REALLY knows his stuff

    Posted by Bill on Apr 21st 2014

    What impresses me the most about this video are his explanations of real game situations and exactly what to do. He simply details everything. On each example, he tells PRECISELY how to solve the problem and WHY it needs to be done. Furthermore, on nearly every shot taken he notes what "English" he's using along with the approximate strength of stroke required. Nothing is left to chance! The DVD was very clear with multiple angles shown on numerous shots. For me personally,
    I can only hope that "Power One Pocket, Part 2" is in the works because he positively has a repeat customer.