Play Your Best Straight Pool - Book

Play Your Best Straight Pool - Book

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The Play Your Best Straight Pool Book has one of the most comprehensive courses on the game to ever be published. This book provides you with illustrations that make it easy to learn the game's shots and strategies. With diagrams on controlling the cue ball and a big chapter on pattern play that shows you how to read the table and plan your runs. To achieve high runs you must be able to play break shot effectively, so Capelle has included 50 illustrations that cover virtually every break shot you'll ever encounter. A special chapter takes you shot-by-shot through a 28-ball run, and chapters on strategy and safety play will help you take control of the table from your opponent. Practice routines isolate specific skills that will help you develop a complete game, you're also provided with a game plan to help you break your all-time high run record. The Play Your Best Straight Pool features:

  • Author: Philip B. Capelle
  • Paperback, 416 pages
  • 72 Diagrams on controlling the cue ball
  • 355 Illustrations to learn game shots and strategies
  • Published by Billiards Press, January 1, 2001
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  • Melanie Gagnon

    Posted by Melanie Gagnon on May 13th 2018

    Just got the book a few days ago and have started going thru it. I’ve been playing for almost 20 years so I have a good grasp of the sport. The book is very interesting. Has good information and opens your eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Very informative. Well done. Can’t wait to expand my mind for pool.

  • Not quite finished

    Posted by Bob on Jan 3rd 2017

    I haven't yet finished reading this one. I have read Phil C.'s 8 ball book, and learned things I didn't know in 30+ years of playing that game, and this book so far is just as promising. Recommend only a few chapters at a time, these books need to be absorbed incrementally.

  • A book everyone can get something from

    Posted by Brophog on Apr 6th 2012

    When great books are discussed on the subject this isn't one of them. You won't find such a book on any 'must own' book lists because it is neither an all encompassing book or a book targeted at today's two most popular games.

    However, it may be the finest straight pool book on the market. Because of that, it may be the finest pool book on the market. Every game has skills that are a byproduct of the skills needed to play great straight pool and no other book lines them out like this one. When it comes to managing position, patterns, clusters and safeties few others go into the depth and clarity found here.

  • Top book

    Posted by Robert Minchin on May 4th 2011

    This book on straight pool is packed with info that I have not seen in most books. And it goes into amazing depth with each subject. Especially interesting is the 3 parts of the game in each rack and how to run a rack. IT's the best book I have read so far on pool, period.