Play Your Best 8 Ball - Book

Play Your Best 8 Ball - Book

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Play Your Best 8 Ball is the newest book authored by the foremost instructional author, Phil Capelle. This is sure to be a classic in the long line of instructional books written by Mr. Capelle. The most comprehensive and complete book EVER published on eight ball. Everything you want to know and need to know to improve your game and take it to the next level. A certain necessity for League and Tournament Players. The Play Your Best 8 Ball Book features:

  • Part I Getting Started - Chapter 1 Learning Eight Ball, Chapter 2 Comparing Table Sizes, and Chapter 3 The Rules
  • Part II Offense - Chapter 4 Shotmaking, Chapter 5 Break Shots, Chapter 6 Position Play, Chapter 7 Clusters, Chapter 8 Problem Balls, Chapter 9 Offensive Play, and Chapter 10 Runout Eight Ball
  • Part III Strategy and Defense - Chapter 11 Choosing a Group, Chapter 12 Defensive Play, Chapter 13 Strategy, Chapter 14 Ball in Hand, Chapter 15 Kick Shots, and Chapter 16 Competition
  • Part IV Improving Your Game - Chapter 17 Practicing Eight Ball, and Chapter 18 Drills for Eight Ball
  • Author - Philip B. Capelle
  • Paperback, 456 pages
  • Published 1st edition November, 2004
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  • Full of useful info

    Posted by ZNick on Dec 31st 2016

    As an intermediate player, printed information I can carry to the table is the most useful. Easy to follow narrative and diagrams make setting up solo practice sessions far more productive. I highly recommend this book to league players.

  • ok

    Posted by sidney on May 28th 2012

    very good

  • Another great book by Phil Capelle!

    Posted by RICHIE RICH on May 23rd 2011

    This book will inprove your 8-ball game if your a novice or an advanced player. The insite that this book
    provides is very valuable to inprove all need shots for a proficient game of 8-ball.

  • Great Book!

    Posted by Greg on May 1st 2011

    Definitely improved my awareness about the game of 8-ball. Good for all levels. I'm looking forward to making some 8-ball runs in the coming league season.

  • Lots of info!

    Posted by Corey on Jan 31st 2011

    This book leaves out a lot of the basics loike grip, stroke and stance, which is great and focuses more on shotmaking and position. I am still reading through this book, but so far it is excellent. I will be purchasing more of his books in the future.