Plastic Tally Balls

Plastic Tally Balls

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Complete set of 16 plastic tally balls (sometimes called pills or peas) for Tally Pool (also known as kelly pool, pill pool, or pea pool).

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  • Multi purpose

    Posted by Chris on Sep 26th 2016

    I purchased these along with the bottle to use for picking wild card spot in playoffs in my pool league. When we did this in the previous league I played in we used cards shuffled in front of players. This is a bullet proof way to randomly pick something and not be accused of cheating.

  • Works great!

    Posted by Darrell on Jan 29th 2016

    Just what I was looking for.

  • Good balls

    Posted by James on Aug 3rd 2015

    These are just like the ones I grew up with. Can't wait to play a game for old times sake. Not much more can be said, they are plastic and will last a long time.

  • Perfect for what they are and do

    Posted by Jeff on Mar 22nd 2015

    Change the game up a little bit when you have numerous players. These are used for fun along with the plastic bottle. Pick up the Billiards official rule book and the rules for this game are in there

  • Can't go wrong.

    Posted by Pablo on Nov 28th 2014

    Pill pool is a fun game, can't play without the pills! Can't really mess up plastic balls, so these are fine.

  • Perfect for pill pool

    Posted by John on Oct 6th 2014

    I actually ordered two sets of these after my friends kept running off with their pill/tally ball in their pants pockets after parties. Don't just order one set - order two!

  • Great for a Large Group of People

    Posted by Brandon G. on Jun 27th 2014

    These pill balls come in handy when you have a larger group of people wanting to play at the same time. I usually play 9 ball more than 8 ball. However, for this game, I usually do a rack of 8 ball after everyone else picks their numbers. It makes the game last a bit longer. If the person shooting pockets someone else's ball, that person is out. If the person shooting pockets their own ball before someone else does, they win.

  • Love these peas

    Posted by Butch Arabie on Jun 15th 2014

    Kelley Pool or Pea Pool is a great way to enjoy fun games with opponents of varying strengths.

  • works fine

    Posted by Gary on May 15th 2014

    works fine