Plastic Scoring Beads Keeper

Plastic Scoring Beads Keeper

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Keep the score accurately during a match with these black and white plastic scoring beads which feature large gold color numbers for easy reading. This device is simply an overhead string wire with sliders to keep score. This Plastic Scoring Beads Keeper also features:

  • Dimensions: Oversized 1-1/4" beads and over 5 feet long (68 inches)
  • Large Numbers to easily read
  • Keeps score 1 through 50
  • Black and white beads
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  • plastic scoring beads...

    Posted by Joe on Mar 14th 2012

    pretty cool, i always wanted a set. my only gripe is the same one everyone else has; either plastic or wooden. how the heck to hang them...!!!
    good ideas in the wooden review section. the picture hanging wire idea is the one i went with. a little improvisation is all it takes.
    certainly not ozone's fault. they rock. great turnaround on the orders, and great customer service.

  • Nice, but get a longer wire.

    Posted by Keith on Feb 14th 2012

    The appearance of these is very nice. As others have stated, a longer wire is useful and 5' can be had at Lowe's/HD for $2. I also grabbed eye hooks for the ends and middle, and some skinny black duct tape to discreetly cinch the wire together at the ends. If you want it to be very clean you can spend another $5 for fancy wire clips found next to the wire at Lowe's/HD.

  • Nice addition to the pool room

    Posted by Max on Jan 29th 2012

    I read reviews on the wooden beads and with the number paddles loosening and the numbers falling off, decided to try the plastic beads. These are the best for the money. The paddles are one piece and the numbers are embossed and don't peel off. Looks great next to the Olhausen pool table.

  • Nice

    Posted by Miguel on Jan 17th 2012

    Great for scoring!

  • Scoring Beads

    Posted by Bob Kick on Oct 8th 2011

    Works great, looks good you and can't beat the price.

  • A GREAT deal!!!!!

    Posted by Ben on Sep 1st 2011

    The scoring beads are way better than I thought, I figured plastic beads not so good boy was I surprised when I received them. They are a fine addition to the pool room. Thanks guys.