Plastic 8 Pool Ball Rack

Plastic 8 Pool Ball Rack

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8 Ball

The Plastic 8 Ball Rack is great for racking up the balls. It is made out of durable plastic and features a lip all around the top edge of the triangle so you can easily handle with your fingers and remove it from the racked balls without moving them. This is a standard size 8 ball rack and is available in black color only.

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  • Plastic ball rack

    Posted by D. Dobrow on Sep 17th 2018

    Too tight - difficult to use.

  • Plastic 8-Ball Rack -- Excellent

    Posted by Gary on Jul 20th 2017

    I purchased this rack to replace a wooden rack that is too large to tightly rack balls for 8-ball. I have a set of Aramith Premium Belgian billiard balls, and this rack serves to give a tight rack of all 15 balls. The rack can be removed without disturbing the rack of balls. It is a tight fit, but not too much so. I use the rack with the angled lip resting on the table in order to present a smooth surface to the cloth.

    The only negative is that before first using this plastic rack, I removed the mold line that went around the center of the inside surface as well as a single small projection at the center of each inside wall of the rack. This was easily done by scraping with a small knife. This may have not been necessary, but I did not want to risk putting any scratches on the Aramith balls.

  • Great rack

    Posted by Dustin on Jun 26th 2016

    Great rack works well and very good price.

  • Inexpensive and Works Great!

    Posted by Marco on Apr 28th 2015

    what can I say, I was pleased with this rack and it was inexpensive too!

  • plastic rack

    Posted by Jonathan on Aug 24th 2014

    Way better than my wooden rack.
    Holds balls snug.
    Functional and cheap...

  • great

    Posted by john on Jul 6th 2014

    I expected to pay more for this item but got a great price and fast delivery

  • pool rack

    Posted by scott wilson on Apr 17th 2014

    works great

  • good rack for price

    Posted by Lisa on Jan 22nd 2014

    Economical choice. Better than wood for the pool table.

  • Plastic pool rack

    Posted by Philip on Dec 9th 2013

    works great, lightweight but not flimsy at all. I can push in on it with both hands and barely bend it.