Pechauer Weight Bolt - Black .7oz

Pechauer Weight Bolt - Black .7oz

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The Pechauer Weight Bolt - Black .7oz will fit in all Pechauer Cues. Pechauer cues have used the same weight screw design for over 30 years. The weight screws all have a shouldered head which allows it to go the proper depth into the butt of the cue. The screw is located under the rubber bumper in the bottom of the cue. The screws are color coded so as soon as the bumper is removed you know at a glance which weight screw is in the cue. This Pechauer Cue Weight Bolt features:

  • Adds 0.7oz weight to your cue
  • Customize the feel of your cue by adding or subtracting a weight bolt
  • Easy to install just pop off the butt cap from the butt end of your cue and with the use of a flat screw driver (not included) unscrew the old bolt out and then screw the new one in
  • Adjusting the weight on your cue could be the factor of winning or loosing a game
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