Ozone Pool Cue Case - Tube 2 Butt/4 Shaft - Grey

Ozone Pool Cue Case - Tube 2 Butt/4 Shaft - Grey

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If you own a two piece pool cue you should have a pool cue case to protect your investment. This beautiful Ozone Billiards tube-style cue case can do the job. Simply insert the shaft and the butt, zip it up and it is ready to go with you to your favorite pool hall. This billiard cue case features:

  • Oval shape with poured rubber mold casing and lined in a soft, black material
  • Holds two butts and four shafts
  • Light Grey Vinyl Exterior
  • Two exterior pockets: One 6" and One 14"
  • Carrying handle
  • Adjustable Shoulder strap
  • 32" length case (fits up to 30" shaft)
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  • Good case

    Posted by Nichole O on Mar 26th 2017

    I liked the case a lot. Would buy it again! 🙂 Great price..

  • good product

    Posted by Victor Dean on Feb 21st 2017

    I needed the room to keep all my accessories and both sticks. Does that and has room to spare.

  • I use this on the daily

    Posted by Marc on Feb 3rd 2017

    I love this case. Haven't had any issues with it all. Carries everything I need and then some. Strong handle and straps. Im happy with the color too

  • Nice Case.

    Posted by Amory on Dec 16th 2016

    Everything I expected!

  • Nice Case, some limitations

    Posted by Brandon Cordova on Nov 17th 2015

    I bought this case hoping not to spend a lot of money. While everything looks good, It will not allow you to use joint protectors on the shafts and still allow the case to close. Also, the lower pocket is a very tight fit for my stinger jump handle, but I presume it will stretch out over time.

    You get what you pay for.

  • Best one I've ever had!

    Posted by Mohan on Sep 29th 2014

    I bought this a LONG time ago, but wanted to see wear and tear so I can comment on which part is the weakest and needs more careful attention. But, after all this time, I just got bored of waiting because it is still as good as new.

    A friend of mine bought a $149 case around the same time, and now he has to replace his and this one is still hanging on, I wonder why that one costs $149! Maybe because that one weights about twice as much.

    Here's what it can hold:
    One playing cue, it's shaft, and a back-up shaft.
    One break cue and it's shaft.
    One jump cue and it's shaft. Ofc putting the butt in the bigger front pocket.
    Glove, chalk holder, tip cue, small bottle of baby powder.

    And if you have a jump-break cue instead of two separate cues, you just freed your big front pocket. I which case you can bring your own cue ball too.

    One thing though, a 6 holes are pretty deep, so if your cue does not have a joint protector, it will be difficult to get it out. But, joint protectors are very cheap and good to have, so you should have one anyways.

    Great case!
    If you are looking for a $20 case, pay a little more and get this ever-lasting case.
    If you are looking for a $50 case, just choose this model and your favorite color.
    If you are looking for a $149 case.... hmm.... I have no idea why you'll do that, lol. (don't hate me $149ers)

  • Ozone Pool Cue Case - Tube 2 Butt/4 Shaft - Grey

    Posted by dom on Apr 27th 2014

    I purchased a Blue Cue along with a 1B/1S case. The cases were backordered so Ozone upgraded my case to 2B/4S for free. I'm happy because I have use for it but was hesitating to buy it.
    Thanks for putting the customer first!

  • very nice case

    Posted by nikky on Jan 12th 2014

    Very sturdy great case....

  • Pool case

    Posted by David on Oct 8th 2013

    Nice pool case for the money . Lots of room in both compartments.